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ServiceNow Achieves Fast ROI with ScreenMeet for their IT Help Desk Transformation

ServiceNow ITSM  and ScreenMeet - Fast ROI and significant OpEx reduction with ScreenMeet


After implementing ScreenMeet to replace their on-premise legacy remote support tool, ServiceNow achieved game changing ROI within the first three months, and significant operating expense reduction.

Watch this short video from the 30 minute webinar and see how ServiceNow has been able to digitally transform their Remote Support IT Help Desk using ScreenMeet.

ServiceNow achieves ROI in just a few months with ScreenMeet.

Watch more brief snippets from the webinar here:

  1. ScreenMeet's "Cockpit" view experience
  2. Why ServiceNow agents "can't live without ScreenMeet"
  3. How ServiceNow achieved incredibly fast ROI in just a few months
  4. The perfect match: ScreenMeet and ServiceNow ITSM

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