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Cloud-native remote support, screen sharing and video chat in your Contact Center and IT Help Desk

Increase First Contact Resolution by 35% by delivering better agent and customer experiences with more control over their data.

How Else Do Our Customers Benefit?
  • Increased FCR and Helping Agents be More Efficient
  • Lower Effort for the Customer
  • Quick Adoption and Easy to Use
  • High Usage Rates
ScreenMeet and ServiceNow Case Study for IT Help Desk

However you need to collaborate, ScreenMeet has the answer.

IT support

IT Support

Get your employees onboarded and resolve IT issues with an experience that is almost like being in person, using voice, video, and remote control, launched right from your ITSM platform.

Support & Service

Customer Support & Service

Rapidly connect with customers using the channel that works best for them. It’s simple to add video calling and screen sharing to facilitate the move from in-person to online interactions seamlessly to accelerate resolution times, and improve the customer experience.



When customers purchase goods or services, give them real-time digital service and sales assistance using live voice, video, or screensharing.

Revolutionize Collaboration - All Within Your Existing CRM / ITSM / Contact Center platform

Centralized Work Space

Centralized Work Space

Replace fragmented apps with a single platform for both agents and managers. See everything at a glance and work natively within your CRM or ITSM in the browser — no switching screens needed.

Integrated Data

Integrated Data

Eliminate data silos and store everything in one place. With all the information you need at your fingertips, you can make educated decisions and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Best-in-Class Security

Best-in-Class Security

ScreenMeet is SOC2 Type 2 certified. All data transmitted during a ScreenMeet session is encrypted using TLS and DTLS 1.2+ with AES-256-bit encryption. Authentication to ScreenMeet is via your existing CRM platform credentials and therefore adheres to your internal password policies.

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Flexibility & Ease of Use

Experience the joys of a low-maintenance, cloud-based solution that scales to your needs and builds on your existing platforms in a way that feels native. No extra software required.

Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

Reduce time to resolution, cart abandonment rates, and operational costs. Increase agent efficiency, revenue streams, and CSAT scores.

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Clients & Partners

Choice Hotels

Screen sharing is a critical capability to help our customers in this digital-first world. With ScreenMeet's integration with Service Cloud, it also makes it seamless to use for our support engineers.

Jim Roth, EVP Customer Support


With ScreenMeet’s capabilities, Zenni is now literally on the same page as our customers.

Jeff Huang, Director

Global Customer Success Operations

We have the ability to connect to anybody as if we were there face-to-face to help support them.

Waqas Mahmud, Senior Manager

Teachers’ Support & Services at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP)

We also saw a 35% increase in first call resolution. When you can see what your customers are seeing, you don’t need to describe it. It’s so much easier to resolve.

VP Customer Support

Leading Sales Force Automation Company

ScreenMeet is a prime example of the innovative technology partners we use to further enhance our easy and expert customer experience.

Jim Roth, EVP Customer Support


We're able to help support machines outside of our domain altogether and get people up and running in a shorter period of time. Without ScreenMeet, I don't know how simple this would have been for us.

Waqas Mahmud, Senior Manager

Teachers’ Support & Services at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP)

ScreenMeet is an extension of the Salesforce platform, and that is huge from an ongoing, maintenance of integrations perspective.

It’s another unicorn we’ve all been chasing for a long time in customer services: the single pane of glass for the agent.

Executive Manager, Customer Support

Global CRM Company

We’re now measuring resolution time in minutes, not days, thanks to ScreenMeet.

Executive Vice President

CSG, Global SFA Company

ScreenMeet has been easy to implement, and it’s received a 4.75 from an engineer satisfaction standpoint where they really do love it because it just works. And that’s huge.

Customer Support Lead

Global CRM Company

When you can actually show and share screens with somebody, you’re really able to teach them. And so, customers really value that learning about our platform and our products.

ScreenMeet is another unicorn we’ve all been chasing for a long time in customer services, the single pane of glass for the agent.

ScreenMeet functions great - it’s simple and easy for our agents to use. It has taken a process that required agents to have multiple browser tabs or programs open and reduced it to just a single interface (Salesforce).

With the ScreenMeet integration, our agents can start and end screen share sessions without leaving Salesforce to log the data somewhere else. Now, our customer information is all in one system and can be accessed at the drop of a hat as we take care of our customers.

Why choose ScreenMeet?

We’re passionate about helping you provide your employees and customers with the best remote support possible.

Since 2016, our team of cloud and customer support veterans have worked to provide organizations like yours with better real-time online experiences.

Fortune Global 2000
85% of our business comes from Fortune Global 2000 companies
Partners with industry-leading ITSM and CRM providers like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics
Trusted by enterprises like Choice Hotels, Dropbox, and Zenni Optical.

Industries We Serve

Global 2000 Enterprises across multiple industry verticals are accelerating their transformation to becoming digital-first enterprises.

ScreenMeet’s real-time engagement platform makes it easy to leverage the existing infrastructure you already have in place.

  • Technology(SaaS, Hardware, Service)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Finance
  • Hostpitality
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Shipping & Logistics and more

Featured Case Study

ScreenMeet FAQs

What’s the difference between Remote Support, CoBrowse, and Live?

Remote Support is where IT support takes over the end user’s computer, usually to support your internal staff. CoBrowse is more suitable for customer support and allows your agents to interact with the customer’s screen and fill out forms or annotate or circle items on a website. Note that the agent doesn’t take over the customer’s computer — they can only interact with the website on display. Live allows you to call or video conference your customers or employees in real time for a more humanized remote experience.

Is the free 14-day trial really free?

Yes! You can try ScreenMeet at no cost and risk-free for up to 14 days — no strings attached. In the meantime, we’ll work with your team to complete the technical and INFOSEC reviews.

Can I integrate ScreenMeet with my existing apps?

As a browser-based cloud solution, ScreenMeet is platform-agnostic. That means it can embed seamlessly within your existing CRM or ITSM.

What’s the demo like?

We customize the demo based on your specific needs. It won’t take too much of your time, either: the demo is only 10-15 minutes.

Have more questions?

Check out our Resources library, where you can read our blog, download eBooks, watch webinars, and more.

Be on the same page as your employees and customers... literally.

Transform online support experiences with ScreenMeet.