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You deserve better. Lean on us when you leave them.

Break ups may seem hard at first, but modernizing helps your IT Help Desk and Contact Center grow.

We’ll hold your hand through the migration process when you break things off. So you can make the move to a modern remote support software right from where your agents are already working from—without skipping a beat or having to hold your breath and cross your fingers.

Through ServiceNow or Salesforce, it can be as easy as a 30 minute implementation.

Seamlessly transition from your legacy support tool to ScreenMeet

Our Digital Transformation Support System:

ScreenMeet Migration Best Practices

Best Practices Putting You First

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of companies take that first step in their digital transformation.

ScreenMeet Migration Training

Training & Tools Getting You Hooked Up

We’ll lessen the learning curve for agents with on-demand videos and simple, yet helpful documentation.

ScreenMeet Migration Hands-On Support

Hands-on Support Supporting You 24/7

Let our Customer Success Team support and guide you every step of the way. Your success is ours too. 

Moving from your legacy solution to ScreenMeet is simple:

1. Add ScreenMeet to the ITSM or CRM  

Follow the guided setup to add ScreenMeet to your ITSM or CRM organization. Next, configure it to align with your desired agent and employee or customer experience. Finally, give agents access via a new role.  Your ITSM or CRM Admin already has the skills necessary to complete this task and will quickly become familiar with ScreenMeet through its intuitive user interface, training videos, and documentation.

2. Simplify Your Agent Workflow  

Change your agent workflow to start, log, and close sessions right from within the ITSM or CRM. Agents familiar with legacy tools will get up to speed on ScreenMeet in minutes using our training videos. The tools are so simple and intuitive, agents just dive right in.

3. Turn Off Your Legacy Tool  

Now that you have deployed and transitioned to a fully integrated solution, you can retire your old remote support tool. Moving on means you can be open to a more streamlined experience with a lot less maintenance (and even less work drama). 

ScreenMeet Migration Strategy


It was the smoothest move ever we have done with a tool. And because session notes, screen shots, call recordings, and other information are automatically added to the incident, the biggest benefit so far has been the time savings, requiring fewer steps to get everything into the ticket for logging.

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


We found the interaction with ScreenMeet to be absolutely fantastic. We had productive conversations which led to a clear vision and seamless integration, making a complex process simple, even though we're on the other side of the globe.

Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager - Customer


(The deployment process) went smoothly, because the app ScreenMeet built for ServiceNow was easy to install. All we had to do is just install and configure it. It ran perfectly and was completed in no time. 

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


ScreenMeet has been easy to implement, and it’s received a 4.75 from an engineer satisfaction standpoint where they really do love it because it just works. And that’s huge.

Training was super easy, it's one hour training for each region and then they (agents) were able to walk. Because ScreenMeet is intuitive, the way you use it, open a session, copy/move control, everything is just really easy to use.

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


Migrate and modernize with seamless integrations for peace of mind

Transform online support experiences with ScreenMeet.