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Transform Support with AI-Driven Solutions from ScreenMeet

Do you know how your support incidents get resolved? Let our AI-powered summarization tool provide the insights you need!


Is your business challenged with lack of data on Incident resolution? As technicians and support agents resolve incidents, they don’t provide enough details on the resolution beyond “I fixed the user’s problem.”  


This is a systemic issue, as many support engineers’ performance is based on how many incidents they resolve and how quickly they do it. Writing up detailed resolution notes  doesn’t improve their KPI’s. 

The consequences of this missing piece of data have multiple negative implications:

  • - Knowledge is lost on “how the problem was actually fixed”
  • - Data on “how it was fixed” is not available for LLM training so future incidents that are similar could be deflected by Gen-AI
  • - There is a lack of audit trail in case a deeper investigation is required
AI Summarization* resolves these issues and more.


Effortless Note Taking with AI Summarization – Let AI Do the Boring Work

Say goodbye to manually entered notes. Our AI Summarization feature not only eliminates the unhelpful "Done" notes but ensures comprehensive documentation is created automatically. This enables your agents to focus more on solving problems and less on admin tasks.

Process Improvement Insights

Our solution provides critical insights into the support process, helping identify best practices and areas for agent training. By analyzing the actions taken during support sessions, our AI helps uncover more efficient methods and training needs, driving continual improvement.

Key Features:

    • AI-Powered Documentation:
      Seamlessly generate detailed resolution and work notes from remote support sessions, utilizing advanced AI technology.
      Enhanced Efficiency:
      Help your agents craft clear documentation effortlessly, saving time and reducing operational costs.
      Knowledge Base Expansion:
      Foster self-service and enhance your chatbot capabilities by enriching your knowledge base with valuable data from AI-generated summaries.
    • *Patent Pending
Discover AI Summarization: Watch the Demo!

AI Summarization for ServiceNow

Revolutionize your Remote Support with Game Changing AI Integrated with ServiceNow

  • Streamline Documentation: Automatically produce detailed resolution and work notes from remote support sessions using AI.
  • Boost Efficiency: Save resources by enabling your agents to create enhanced documentation for every incident.
  • Improve Self-Service Capabilities: Expand your knowledge base and provide richer data to your Virtual Agent, improving deflection rates.
  • Integration with Now Assist: These AI-generated notes integrate perfectly with Now Assist. Utilizing these detailed summaries, Now Assist enhances resolution communications, enriches knowledge base articles, and improves training for chatbots and Virtual Agents.

Watch the AI Summarization Demo  for Remote Support in ServiceNow