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ScreenMeet for ServiceNow - with AI Summarization

ScreenMeet Remote Support is the modern, embedded remote access solution that is easy, secure and configurable within the ServiceNow platform. Resolve issues quickly and speed the pace of innovation, all from within your existing ServiceNow workflows.

Incorporating AI Summarization*, generate work notes or incident resolutions automatically based on activity in your remote support sessions. Create better documentation, enrich your knowledge base, and identify process improvement for your agents.

Not sure if ScreenMeet is right for you? Let ServiceNow convince you. ServiceNow uses ScreenMeet for both their IT Help Desk as well as Customer Support.

Revolutionize Remote Support with Gen AI and ServiceNow

Do you know how your Incidents are resolved? Let our AI answer that!

  • Automatically generate resolution and work notes from remote support sessions with AI
  • Save time and money by helping your agents create better documentation for each incident
  • Improve deflection by growing your knowledge base and by providing more data to Virtual Agent
With AI Summarization*, your agents no longer need to add notes by hand as it automatically creates better documentation, and you'll avoid the all too common "Done" resolution note.
These notes can also be used in conjunction with Now Assist. Now Assist will use these when providing the resolution note and can be used to enrich knowledge base articles, and train chatbots and Virtual Agent.
Additionally, these summaries help to identify improvements in the support process by seeing what agents are doing in the session, to identify if there's a better way to do it, or if agents need training. 
Watch the AI Summarization Demo  for Remote Support in ServiceNow
*Patent Pending

Increase Employee Satisfaction by Transforming the Work from Home Experience

Create seamless remote IT support experiences to get employees who are working from home up and running faster.

Easily onboard and support remote employees with a frictionless, real-time engagement platform. 

Sound impossible? With ScreenMeet, it’s not! With a seamless embedded experience in ServiceNow, a single login and no additional apps to download, IT staff can provide a better service experience to remote employees, increasing employee satisfaction and streamlining the support process.

Watch this short video to hear from ServiceNow why their Help Desk Employees "can't live without" ScreenMeet. 

See the fully embedded  experience in ServiceNow

Transform your help desk performance and satisfaction in record time

Add ScreenMeet to ITSM and digitally transform your IT support to offer the next level of IT support, embedded in ServiceNow. Neither the agent nor the employee ever need to leave the IT Workflow!

Imagine being able to:

  • Use a mobile camera as remote eyes in addition to having full desktop access
  • Have in-platform integration with any Task or Interaction, automatically recording, downloading, and saving the incident.
  • Support any ServiceNow Digital Engagement Channel e.g. Virtual Agent

Product Tour of ScreenMeet and ServiceNow Virtual Agent
Great employee experiences require a modern approach
  1. Hear from this ScreenMeet customer as he shares the benefits of switching to ScreenMeet Remote Support for their IT Help Desk - 10% increase in First Call Resolution, 25% decrease Handling Time and 50% decrease in setup time of new hires.
  2. Watch a 3 min demo of ScreenMeet Remote Support embedded in ServiceNow Operations Workspace.
  3. Sign up for a FREE customized demo!

Enhance Customer and HR Workflows

Modernize and optimize Customer and HR workflows with virtual-first engagement using video chat, cobrowsing, and screen sharing—all without leaving ServiceNow’s interface—to enter a truly personalized, interactive session. 

All authentication and session details are automatically stored into ServiceNow, which allows your IT team to connect faster and accelerate issue/case resolution time while providing a seamless experience.

Watch Video: ScreenMeet for Customer Workflows

Watch Video: ScreenMeet for HR Workflows

ScreenMeet for ServiceNow Customer Workflows
ScreenMeet for ServiceNow ITSM

Try ScreenMeet for ServiceNow for Free

Available on the ServiceNow Store, ScreenMeet leverages ServiceNow’s Authentication and data security to provide you with the enterprise-level security and data protection you expect from your Enterprise-grade software vendors.

Get started with your Free custom demo here.

While ScreenMeet can be deployed inside of any ServiceNow object, it is used mainly inside of Incidents, Cases, and Agent Workspace.

Key Benefits of ScreenMeet with ServiceNow

Improved ability to support employee and customer remote and hybrid workforce
Users stay “In-Platform” never having to leave ServiceNow when using ScreenMeet
All authentication and session details are automatically stored into ServiceNow providing a seamless experience.
Reduce operating costs and improve productivity with faster session connections and automatic session recording.


It was the smoothest move ever we have done with a tool. And because session notes, screen shots, call recordings, and other information are automatically added to the incident, the biggest benefit so far has been the time savings, requiring fewer steps to get everything into the ticket for logging.

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


Now we can connect to anybody as if we were there face-to-face to help support them. We’re able to get people up and running faster.

Waqas Mahmud, Senior Mgr of IT and Services

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP)

We want to save time and be more efficient… We want the experience to be like a plane cockpit with all the buttons in front of us. When we have that experience, we are not wasting time, we are more efficient with all the data in front of us, and we can act quickly.

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


I can say that our agents cannot live without ScreenMeet today.

Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager


We also saw a 35% increase in first call resolution. When you can see what your customers are seeing, you don’t need to describe it. It’s so much easier to resolve.

ScreenMeet has been easy to implement, and it’s received a 4.75 from an engineer satisfaction standpoint where they really do love it because it just works. And that’s huge.

With ScreenMeet we’re measuring resolution time in minutes, not days.

When you can actually show and share screens with somebody, you’re really able to teach them. And so, customers really value that learning about our platform and our products.

ScreenMeet is another unicorn we’ve all been chasing for a long time in customer services, the single pane of glass for the agent.

Ready to Radically Improve Your Service Experience with ScreenMeet and ServiceNow?

Transform online support experiences with ScreenMeet.