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OTPP Experiences Digital Transformation with ServiceNow and ScreenMeet

OTPP Experiences Digital Transformation with ServiceNow and ScreenMeet

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) required a streamlined, secure system to log into remote devices and provide support. They wanted to be able to connect to a remote user with minimal interaction, take that machine over and provide a hands-on experience as if the analyst was actually working at the user’s desk. A bonus would include the ability to reboot a machine and stay connected to that machine as it came back online. After seeing what ScreenMeet can do, they knew they wanted to try it out for themselves.

Since using ScreenMeet, OTPP has achieved:

  • Increased first call resolution by 10%
  • Decreased case reopen rates by 25%
  • Decreased average case handling time by 25%

Check out this short video case study with Waqas Mahmud, Senior Manager of the Teachers’ Support & Services at OTPP, to hear more! 

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Read the Full OTPP Case Study

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