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Are Your Current Customer Engagement Tools Costing You More Than You Can Afford?

Let Remote Support, Live Collaboration, CoBrowse, and Replay save the budget.
Just as each company’s need is uniquely different, so is its remote support solution. At ScreenMeet, we offer a wide range of real-time collaboration solutions to transform your business. To discuss your options and even plans to start the migration process, let one of our ScreenMeet experts prepare you a custom quote.

We’re building a future filled with higher agent productivity and a UX that’s better-looking and low maintenance.


Use cases for IT Support, Customer Support and Sales teams

Remote Desktop and Control
Screen Sharing
Video Chat
Mobile Camera Sharing
Customer Pre-Recording
Unattended Option
Many more

Embedded in ServiceNow, Salesforce, and more to meet your agents where they’re already working.

ScreenMeet Platform Advantages



Boost agent productivity

  • Boost agent productivity
  • Browser-based (zero agent downloads)
  • Embedded in ITSM and CRM
  • Automated session data logging

Better employee experience

  • Modern UX
  • Multichannel support
  • One-click connect
  • Global cloud infrastructure for low-latency


  • Authenticated and managed from the ITSM or CRM platform
  • Configurable data storage options
  • Build on Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Fast time-to-value

  • Native integration
  • Customer Success team included

Lower total cost of ownership

  • Multi-tenant cloud architecture
  • Active user-based pricing

ScreenMeet FAQs

What is the subscription model?

Unlike legacy vendors that charge for entitled users, ScreenMeet charges are based on active users. That way you don’t pay for any unused subscriptions and you’ll notice the savings—as much as 4x the ROI.

How long are your contracts?

ScreenMeet offers annual contracts. Multi-year agreements can lock in discounts for our loyal long term customers.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes - ScreenMeet is a cloud solution and releases upgrades monthly. You can upgrade further by adding on products and take advantage of bundled pricing. 

Do I also have to pay for Support?

All ScreenMeet subscriptions come with 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. 

Are there additional charges for platform integrations?

Negative. The annual ScreenMeet subscription cost is all-inclusive of everything you need to run your Remote Customer Support and IT Help Desk.

What if I have a lot of agents? Can I expect a discount?

Absolutely! ScreenMeet provides discount tiers based on agent count. So the more agents, the better the discount.

ScreenMeet looks like a great choice for us, but I don’t have a big budget.

Good news: making the move to ScreenMeet is a lateral budget shift. Plus we guarantee no hidden fees or murky maintenance costs—unlike your future ex-remote support provider. 
We recommend you find the renewal date of your existing products and align the ScreenMeet migration to be most cost-effective. Some customers were also able to consolidate vendors and simplify with us. So when you’re ready, we’re here for you. We’ll help ease the pain of your split so everything feels seamless and simple.

Have more questions?

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