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Beyond Bomgar: Indications Your IT Help Desk Needs a Change

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Remote IT Support Platform

Providing excellent technical support is more vital than ever in our increasingly digital world. Customers expect help anywhere, anytime, across their devices and applications. Meeting these demands gets tougher as mobility and complexity increase. 

That's why a powerful remote support platform is crucial now. IT help desk support teams need tools to quickly troubleshoot, guide users, and resolve issues remotely. Once deemed cutting edge, these outdated on-premise platforms now have costly limitations:

  • Forced upgrade fees- and high mandatory renewal fees
  • Lagging performance and limited capabilities
  • Poor support for teams and mobile users

You don’t have to settle for inadequate tools that frustrate agents and customers. Here’s why leaving Bomgar, now known as BeyondTrust Remote Support, and other subpar platforms behind for agile solutions like ScreenMeet is key, along with the game-changing benefits this switch offers.

Rising Shortcomings of Bomgar

Renewals Come at a Steep Price

Cost is often the first pain point with Bomgar. Mandatory renewal fees run high without adding value. “Their support costs are high,” one user complained. Rigid contracts and lack of loyalty discounts for longtime customers frustrate others.

But the financial drawbacks are just the start. Long-term agreements lock businesses in and limit their ability to pivot as needs change.

Outdated Performance and Functionality

Solutions designed decades ago can’t keep pace with the demands of digital-first businesses. Inefficiencies like lagging connections and limited capabilities plague BeyondTrust. “It has quite a bit of lag when attempting to load IP addresses,” one BeyondTrust user shared.

Missing capabilities are also an issue. Bare-bones collaboration tools, and siloed experiences hamper agents.

BeyondTrust's tools sit outside IT service management platforms. This requires inefficient toggling between systems for teams to access session data, recordings, and other vital information needed for tickets and reporting. 

As workflows become more fragmented, productivity and visibility suffer.

Difficult to Deploy, Use, and Scale

Clunky legacy systems also create headaches around rollout, training, and scaling. IT teams face cumbersome deployment processes, lengthy training periods, and problems expanding support as needs grow.

Transitioning to intuitive, cloud-native platforms is the only way to keep pace with future demands. But BeyondTrust outdated architecture doesn’t support the way we work today and fails to align with the remote-first realities facing IT teams.

Breakup with Bomgar

Benefits of Switching to ScreenMeet

Forward-thinking companies are moving beyond restrictive platforms like BeyondTrust and enabling the next generation of remote support with purpose-built solutions like ScreenMeet.

Unified Service Delivery

ScreenMeet embeds directly into IT ecosystems like ServiceNow rather than being siloed off. This unity keeps your technology stack streamlined while still leveraging trusted platforms. 

Customers who have made the switch experience: 

  • Lower maintenance costs, 
  • Greater employee productivity, 
  • Better customer experiences, 
  • More streamlined workflows, and
  • Seamless integration with their existing CRM solution.

Expanded Capabilities

ScreenMeet also unlocks new potential with mobile camera sharing, robust collaboration tools, AI-powered chatbots, and more. IT help desks appreciate the ability to provide remote assistance securely from any device.

ScreenMeet allows mobile workforces to easily provide remote support from anywhere. 

“With ScreenMeet we now have the ability to connect to anybody as if we were there face-to-face to help support them. We’re able to help support machines outside of our domain altogether and get people up and running in a shorter period of time,” stated Waqas Mahmud, Senior Manager, Teachers’ Support & Services at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP). “Without ScreenMeet, I don’t know how simple this would have been for us.” 

Optimized for the Cloud Era

With lightning-fast global connectivity and easy accessibility across locations, ScreenMeet is engineered specifically for dispersed digital-first businesses.

ScreenMeet’s enterprise, cloud-native architecture delivers lightning-fast performance and seamless accessibility across devices and locations - critical for distributed teams and increased productivity. 

Transition with Ease

Swapping platforms doesn’t mean major disruptions. ScreenMeet’s native integration in the CRM and ITSM platforms you’re already working in allows you to deploy instantly with almost no training, for shorter time-to-value.

It was the smoothest move ever we have done with a tool,” said Liran Daniel, ServiceNow’s Employee Experience Innovation Manager. He further stated that the most significant advantage so far has been the time efficiency, as session notes, screenshots, call recordings, and other data were automatically incorporated into ServiceNow. This process has significantly reduced the steps needed to log everything into the ticket. 

ServiceNow’s Help Desk had a 32% increase in solving level 1 issues on the first call. They also reduced the time it takes to handle cases from over a day to less than half a day. Additionally, they saved six minutes per session by not requiring a download for remote connections.

User & Industry Perspectives: Advantages of Switching to ScreenMeet

Don’t just take our word for it. Peers and industry leaders who have moved beyond Bomgar to adopt solutions like ScreenMeet report tangible benefits that go beyond agent productivity, faster resolution times, and speedy onboarding. 

For the OTPP IT help desk, the move to ScreenMeet remote support resulted in a 10% increase in first-call resolution, 25% decrease in handling time, and 50% decrease in setup time for new hires.

“Now that we can connect to anybody as if we’re there face-to-face to help support them, we’re able to get people up and running faster,” stated Waqas Mahmud, OTTP Senior Manager of IT and Services.

ScreenMeet proudly supports nearly 50,000 agents and 400 million end-users worldwide with its cloud-native, embedded solution that delivers better employee experiences for IT service directors by modernizing enterprises. 

“I can say that our agents cannot live without ScreenMeet today,” added Liran Daniel of ServiceNow.

The Time to Switch is Now

The choice is clear. Legacy solutions like BeyondTrust Remote Support/Bomgar can’t fulfill the demands of digital-first business. Transitioning to ScreenMeet gives you tools aligned with the cloud-first, mobile-enabled, highly distributed realities of work today.

Your users will benefit from fast, frictionless support and expanded capabilities tailored to their needs, whether in office, at home, or on the go. Agents can finally get workflows and features that empower them, not constrain them.

With ScreenMeet, you gain a purpose-built cloud platform providing the speed, functionality, and seamless integration necessary to optimize IT support delivery now and into the future - all at a lower cost.

To learn more about making a cost-effective transition to ScreenMeet’s digital-first platform, request a custom demo today. Don’t let inadequate tools obstruct your success. The future of support is now!

Break up with BeyondTrust. It’s not you, it’s them. You deserve more for the same budget. 

Breakup with Bomgar

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