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Replace Your Legacy Remote Support Solution with ServiceNow's Choice, ScreenMeet!


By using ScreenMeet's Remote Support, ServiceNow was not only able to pre-install ScreenMeet on 18,000 employee devices, they were also able to establish sessions quicker, saw a 32% increase in L1 first call resolutions, and saw a decreased case handle time from more than one day to less than half a day. These benefits overall resulted in significant operational savings for the organization.

Hear from Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager for ServiceNow, as he shares this incredible story of ServiceNow and ScreenMeet.

 Watch the on-demand webinar, today!

Hear How ServiceNow Used ScreenMeet to Replace Their Old Legacy Remote Support Solution.


To read in detail about the ServiceNow IT Help Desk Digital Transformation story, get the Case Study here, or view our LinkedIn Article here.


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