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Upgrade Remote Support and ITSM Workflows with ScreenMeet

The past three years have pushed us into a new evolution of how we communicate on a daily basis. From boardroom meetings being replaced with Zoom calls, to online sales replacing/supplementing brick and mortar shopping, we have also seen a major transition in how back-end IT support teams are working. Employees who can no longer walk their laptops down to the IT department are instead relying on their IT Help Desk to use remote access tools such as ScreenMeet to enhance the way they support their employees.

ScreenMeet Earns CIO Review Most Promising ServiceNow Providers

Businesses can now easily switch from basic chat to video, to screen share, co-browse, or remote takeover to walk their customers through complicated processes. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Lilienthal, states "We want to create an effortless user experience for both the individual offering and receiving IT or customer support."

ScreenMeet helps to transform existing customer support and IT Help Desk workflows, and is positioned as a leader in the upcoming generation of communication and collaboration tools in the ITSM and CSM space.

Read the full article by CIO Review on how ScreenMeet is leading modern cloud solution organizations worldwide here: https://servicenow.cioreview.com/vendor/2021/screenmeet

Learn more about ScreenMeet's real-time digital engagement platform for ServiceNow workflows for the “virtual-first/work from anywhere” enterprise in our eBook here or request a customized demo here.   

Read the CIO Review Article on ScreenMeet

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