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ScreenMeet Launches New Generative AI Assistant for Remote Support Agents

First-of-its-kind Solution Empowers the Service Desk and Contact Center

ScreenMeet®, the cloud-native remote support platform for the enterprise, today announced the availability of ScreenMeet AI Assist, the industry’s first AI solution purpose-built for support agents in the contact center and IT help desk. ScreenMeet AI Assist leverages generative AI to empower agents with real-time troubleshooting and guidance to resolve issues faster and easier than ever before. By deflecting ticket escalation and accelerating resolution, businesses can significantly improve productivity, reduce OpEx and increase ROI. 

The ScreenMeet platform — including the new AI Assist functionality — is fully embedded within the leading ITSMs and CRMs, such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, Tanium, and more. This means that agents never need to leave the platforms they are already using, which can save up to six minutes per incident. Businesses can also enable powerful, streamlined reporting and easily meet data compliance requirements by automatically storing all session data in the ITSM, CRM, or their cloud. Additionally, enterprises can reduce risk by handling all authentication and session management though the ITSM or CRM. 

“It’s increasingly important for businesses in today’s environment to find new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs where possible,” said Ben Lilienthal, Co-founder and CEO of ScreenMeet. “Our innovative AI assistant equips support agents to resolve tickets faster and deflect ticket escalation. The resulting productivity gains and increased ROI will be a game-changer for our customers, enabling them to continue outpacing their peers in driving customer satisfaction and operational excellence.”

When a support agent finds themselves stuck on a technical issue they do not know how to solve, the agent simply asks ScreenMeet AI Assist for help by typing in a query or prompt. Within seconds, clear next steps are returned to the agent to continue supporting the customer or employee. This allows agents to resolve tickets faster, leading to higher customer and employee satisfaction.

“ScreenMeet AI Assist not only helps existing support agents but we’ve found this new AI assistant technology can cut training time for new agents by up to 30%"

commented Rebecca Wettemann, CEO and Principal Analyst at Valoir, an independent analyst firm. “This type of solution delivers compelling ROI to the enterprise and solves many long-tail problems, like customer frustration and agent burnout, which even a lot more expensive agent training couldn’t solve.”

ScreenMeet AI Assist integrates with the leading large language model (LLM) API providers, including OpenAI, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more. Customers are able to configure their AI prompts to meet their unique use case requirements and ensure the highest performance of the model. Additionally, ScreenMeet AI Assist automatically incorporates contextual information about the remote support session – such as the device, operating system and version being used by the customer – to ensure generated responses are as specific and accurate as possible. 

“By integrating with the top LLM API providers and incorporating sophisticated prompt engineering techniques, we’re able to deliver a seamless experience for support agents that makes their lives easier. This, in turn, allows contact centers and IT help desks to resolve more issues faster,” said Eugene Abovsky, Co-founder and CTO of ScreenMeet. “In the days ahead, we will continue to invest in new AI applications and product advancements that drive value for our customers and partners.” 

Availability and Additional Resources

ScreenMeet AI Assist is now generally available within the ScreenMeet platform, as well as through platform integrations with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Tanium, Genesys, Talkdesk, and more. To learn more about ScreenMeet AI Assist, please contact sales@screenmeet.com

For enterprises seeking to upgrade their current collaboration solution to ScreenMeet’s cloud-native platform that is fully embedded into the leading ITSMs and CRMs, visit the ScreenMeet migration page

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