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ScreenMeet Joins Talkdesk AppConnect Marketplace

ScreenMeet joins Talkdesk AppConnect marketplace offering higher-quality support interactions

ScreenMeet and Talkdesk Enhance Contact Center Capabilities 

ScreenMeet Live complements Talkdesk's contact center software by offering faster, higher-quality support interactions, lowering operational costs and greatly improving customer satisfaction.

San Francisco, CA – January 5, 2022ScreenMeet today announced the launch of ScreenMeet Live on Talkdesk® AppConnect™, enabling businesses to seamlessly combine ScreenMeet Live video and screen sharing with their existing Talkdesk CX Cloud solution.

Talkdesk AppConnect is an industry-leading customer experience solutions marketplace featuring a broad range of advanced applications, devices, services, and out-of-the-box integrations that give businesses the flexibility to rapidly expand their contact center capabilities. With more than 80 available solutions, AppConnect provides enterprises with access to all the tools they need to remain agile and flexible in response to today’s evolving customer needs.

“We offer technology solutions to support our customers’ efforts to produce more effective and productive person-to-person customer support experiences. With more people working remotely and online interactions continuing to rise, embracing technology like ScreenMeet to further enhance your own customer support solution is critical for success,” said Ben Lilienthal, ScreenMeet’s CEO. “We are proud to partner with Talkdesk in jointly extending their platform. By combining our live voice, video support and screen sharing capabilities with Talkdesk’s contact center software, Talkdesk users can conduct faster, higher-quality support interactions that lower operational costs and greatly improve customer satisfaction.”

ScreenMeet Live and all AppConnect offerings are fully vetted and available in a streamlined interface that makes buying and connecting simple. Customers can also try many AppConnect applications before purchasing to ensure they are building the best contact center stack for their needs. You can visit ScreenMeet’s listing on Talkdesk AppConnect here.

“With the addition of ScreenMeet to Talkdesk AppConnect, businesses can now quickly and easily integrate best-in-class live voice, video and screen sharing technology into their contact center solution to further enhance the experiences they provide their customers and leverage those experiences to create a competitive advantage in the market,” said Robert Gavin, vice president of alliances and technology partners, Talkdesk.

About ScreenMeet

ScreenMeet was founded in 2015 by online meeting and customer support veterans to build a new generation of cloud-based, enterprise tools for customer support and IT help desk for industry-leading, globally recognized brands.

For enterprises seeking to deliver exceptional person-to-person customer support experiences, ScreenMeet provides purpose-built support software that integrates with CRM and ITSM platforms made with the latest cloud technologies. For more information, please visit www.screenmeet.com.

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