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OTPP Overcomes the Challenges of Providing IT Support to Remote Employees

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Overcomes the Challenges of Providing IT Support to Remote Employees

Like most organizations, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) was faced with the challenge of having all its employees work remotely because of the COVID pandemic. Ontario Teachers’,
Canada’s largest single-professional pension plan, ensures a secure retirement for 331,000 working and retired Ontario school teachers.

OTPP largely attributes their success as an organization to the quality and talent of its 1,500 employees and understands the importance of giving them the tools and resources they need to be successful in their individual roles.

OTPP’s 30 internal IT support agents use ServiceNow ITSM Service Management and ScreenMeet to provide IT support to employees in Canada, the US, UK, and Asia, in their effort to provide IT help desk support. The agents have traditionally provided tier 1 and tier 2 support using email, phone, and chat as a means to resolve incidents.

However, recognizing the need to keep up with an increasing case load with all employees having to work remotely, it became clear that they needed to improve their capabilities, including time to case resolution, new case responsiveness and overall support call quality and effectiveness - all factors in helping to ensure employees can spend less time on their computer issues and more time helping OTPP members.

In addition, the company was continuing to expand their employee base, all of whom would be remote. The company wanted to sustain the high level of employee service and care they had been accustomed to and make the new employee onboarding process as effective and efficient as it had always been in person.

Using ScreenMeet as a seamless in-platform app within ServiceNow ITSM, both the employee and the agent can now quickly connect via chat, open a video call, screen share, and start a remote access session to take control of the employee’s computer without requiring the
employee to download additional software. 

As a result, OTPP has been able to reduce employee downtime and increase their ability to remain focused on their primary job function of helping their customers with time sensitive transactions such as assisting in investment portfolio management.

OTPP has realized the following operational improvements since going live:

  • Increased first call resolution by 10%
  • Decreased case reopen rates by 25%
  • Decreased average case handle time by 25%
  • New hire setup times decreased by 50%
  • Overall increase in ServiceNow ticket utilization and logging

So far, OTPP has seen very positive, measurable financial results from the implementation of ScreenMeet with ServiceNow ITSM Service Management, with $275,000 in operational savings per year!

Additional employee IT support services benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency of IT Help Desk staff (decrease costs per ticket due to time reductions)
  • Increased employee satisfaction, based on internal survey results (contributed to employee
    retention which has an impact on cost savings)
  • Enhanced the first touch on-boarding experience for new employees
  • Able to remotely connect to any user worldwide – even while travelling
  • Ability to see and support iOS devices (new capability for OTPP)
  • Take control of users’ machine with no employee interaction needed (i.e., force a reboot)
  • Can assist contractors/consultants that utilize non-OTPP devices
  • Dual agent support capability on same session (i.e., first call resolution increased)
  • Full admin privileges on device, with key shortcuts and no additional tools required
  • Increased employee satisfaction is a contributor to

ServiceNow, OTPP, and ScreenMeet held a webinar, featuring Waqas Mahmud, OTPP Senior Manager. Watch this on-demand session to hear how ServiceNow ITSM + ScreenMeet helped OTPP digitally transform their IT Remote Support capabilities and respond to the challenge of maintaining optimal employee support during unprecedented times. 

Watch the on-demand session HERE.

No time to watch the session? Download the 2 page case study HERE.

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