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ScreenMeet Gives Remote Support Agents an AI Boost by SiliconANGLE

Today SiliconANGLE shared a Feature Article on ScreenMeet's announcement of their artificial intelligence-based assistant, ScreenMeet AI Assist, for the IT Help Desk and Contact Centers that provides real-time troubleshooting assistance for agents.

ScreenMeet AI Assist is the newest component of the company’s cloud-native remote support and screen sharing solutions that integrate with leading CRM and ITSM applications. The new functionality reduces the need for agents to leave their CRM or ITSM platforms to investigate an issue by incorporating contextual information about the remote support session – such as the device, operating system and version being used by the customer – to customize generated responses to the support case.

When an agent cannot answer the customer's question, service reps can ask ScreenMeet AI Assist for help by typing in a natural language query or prompt and getting a response, usually within seconds.

Read the featured article on SiliconANGLE

Learn more about the benefits of ScreenMeet's AI Assist and the press release


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