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Boost Your Support Game with a Genius AI Sidekick

Meet Your New AI Support Superpower

Customer and help desk support agents have an incredibly important yet challenging role. They need to quickly understand customer issues, troubleshoot problems, and guide users toward resolutions. 

However, with today’s complex products and services, agents often find themselves lacking the specific expertise to address the wide range of issues they encounter. As a result, they spend valuable time trying to fill knowledge gaps by searching databases or escalating tickets. This leads to frustrated customers and a loss in agent productivity.

ScreenMeet’s innovative AI Assist solves these problems by providing agents with instant access to troubleshooting guidance. Powered by generative AI, it allows support teams to resolve tickets faster, boost ROI, and keep their customers happy.

ScreenMeet AI Assist Makes the Complex Simple

ScreenMeet AI Assist is an industry-first AI assistant that is built specifically for support agents in the contact center and IT help desk. When an agent gets stuck on an issue, they simply type a description into the AI Assist panel, and it instantly returns clear troubleshooting guidance. Think of it as having a technical genius looking over your shoulder, augmenting your knowledge with the perfect solution for every unique case.

Because the ScreenMeet platform is fully embedded in the leading ITSMs and CRMs, such as ServiceNow and Salesforce, agents never need to leave the platforms they are already using, which can save up to six minutes per incident.  Additionally, all session data is seamlessly captured within these platforms, simplifying reporting and compliance. 

“It’s increasingly important for businesses in today’s environment to find new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs where possible,” said Ben Lilienthal, Co-founder and CEO of ScreenMeet. “Our innovative AI assistant equips support agents to resolve tickets faster and deflect ticket escalation. The resulting productivity gains and increased ROI will be a game-changer for our customers, enabling them to continue outpacing their peers in driving customer satisfaction and operational excellence.”

AI to the Rescue: Real-Time Guidance

ScreenMeet AI Assist is available on-demand to support agents during the customer support and Service Desk process. The agent can summon ScreenMeet AI Assist at any time by querying it for guidance around difficulties or confusion they encounter. Whether reacting to an agent's question about a specific blocker or responding to a request for general guidance, ScreenMeet AI Assist aims to provide useful insights to augment the agent's own knowledge.

Because ScreenMeet AI Assist was purpose-built to empower human agents, the troubleshooting is provided via simple, step-by-step instructions. The explanations allow users to understand and own the solutions, growing their skills in the process.

Unlike rigid chatbots, ScreenMeet AI Assist delivers a fluid human-AI collaboration. The system provides dynamic support, continuously learning from new questions and cases to enhance its recommendations over time. As product issues evolve, so does the AI, ensuring that agents consistently receive optimized guidance.

ScreenMeet AI Assist integrates with the leading large language model (LLM) API providers, including OpenAI, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more. Customers are able to configure their AI prompts to meet their unique use case requirements and ensure the highest performance of the model. 

ScreenMeet AI Assist automatically incorporates contextual information about the remote support session – such as the device, operating system, and version being used by the customer – to ensure that generated responses are as specific and accurate as possible.


Instant Resolution Increases Key Performance Indicators

By providing agents with immediate access to solutions, ScreenMeet AI Assist helps companies achieve greater operational efficiency, lower costs, happier agents and satisfied customers.

Reduce Operating Expenses through Faster Resolution
ScreenMeet AI Assist drastically cuts resolution times by eliminating the traditional triage efforts in support operations. By delivering instant answers, it allows agents to independently solve a wider range of issues without waiting for knowledge transfers. Through deflection alone, ScreenMeet AI Assist can create 30% gains in productivity over baseline operations.

“This type of solution delivers compelling ROI to the enterprise and solves many long-tail problems, like customer frustration and agent burnout, which even a lot more expensive agent training couldn’t solve,” stated Rebecca Wettemann, CEO and Principal Analyst at Valoir, an independent analyst firm.

Boost ROI by Minimizing Escalations
Using AI guidance lowers repeat contacts and referral rates by empowering agents to fix more problems on their own. When fewer queries require referral or escalation, variable support costs go down. Businesses also spend less on documenting one-off issues, with AI able to capture emerging problems and propagate solutions across the operation.

Increase Productivity and Satisfaction
With accelerated responses, boosted personal throughput, and less time spent on avoidance activities, ScreenMeet AI Assist enables support teams to provide faster, higher-quality service to customers and employees. By streamlining workflows and reducing repetition, teams experience greater job satisfaction even as they handle more requests ultimately creating a better agent experience.

Revolutionize Operations with ScreenMeet AI Assist
Generative AI represents a massive leap forward for support, delivering solutions once available only from senior technical talent. By providing agents with an AI-powered troubleshooting assistant, ScreenMeet AI Assist taps this potential to resolve tickets faster, upskill staff, and transform operational efficiency. 

Unlock the Benefits of AI Assist Today

Boost support operations and customer satisfaction with ScreenMeet’s groundbreaking AI Assist. See for yourself how this innovative solution can empower your agents, resolve tickets faster, and transform efficiency. 

Schedule a demo today to experience AI-powered troubleshooting in action and learn how ScreenMeet AI Assist can help your team deliver exceptional support. Unlock the benefits of AI guidance now by contacting our team to arrange a personalized walkthrough.

ScreenMeet AI Assist is now generally available within the ScreenMeet platform, as well as through platform integrations with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Tanium, and more. To learn more about ScreenMeet AI Assist, please contact sales@screenmeet.com.

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