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Salesforce Customer Support Closes Cases Faster with ScreenMeet

Salesforce Transforms Its IT Customer Service and Support with ScreenMeet

Salesforce was looking for a way to increase first-call resolution (FCR), and improve the customer experience. Salesforce agents were working with technology that was missing functionality to make the interactions with customers more streamlined. There had been no
easy way to add screen sharing directly into the Salesforce customer interactions.

In comes ScreenMeet!

With ScreenMeet, fully integrated with Service Cloud, Salesforce has achieved

  • 35% increase in First Contact Resolution
  • cases now resolved in 27.5 minutes instead of 5.6 Days
  • frictionless customer & agent experience

"We saw a 35% increase in first call resolution, that’s because a picture’s worth a thousand words. And when you can see what your customers are seeing, you don’t need to describe it. It’s so much easier to resolve. These are just some of the benefits that we’ve seen with ScreenMeet." -Jim Roth, EVP, Customer Support, Salesforce

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