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5 Signs Your Remote Support Software Is Falling Short

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Remote IT Support Platform

Providing exceptional customer service is more crucial than ever in today’s digital-first business landscape. With increasingly complex technologies and dispersed workforces, delivering seamless remote support is tougher than ever.

Yet many IT teams are still relying on outdated tools and platforms that make delivering top-tier assistance difficult. Lagging legacy solutions, such as Bomgar, lead to frustratingly slow support experiences that disappoint both customers and agents.

Outdated systems also drive up costs, reduce productivity, increase security risks, and result in missed opportunities. Don’t limit your business and employees to inadequate support capabilities.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a modern platform, consider the following telltale signs. You may be ready to make the switch, and ScreenMeet may be the ideal platform to optimize your IT service delivery now and in the future.

Sign 1: Slow Performance Leads to Frustration

Let’s start with the most obvious red flag: poor performance. Latency issues during remote sessions ruin the experience for your team and end users. Glitchy video, lagging screen shares, and constant buffering frustrate everyone.

Sluggishness often stems from aging on-premise infrastructure that can’t provide reliable real-time connections. Outdated systems strain under today’s performance demands, disrupting workflows.

The solution? Transitioning to a cloud-based platform like ScreenMeet that provides lightning-fast global connectivity. It’s the embedded, cloud-based remote support tool that Global 2000 companies, including ServiceNow and Salesforce, are relying on for smooth support sessions and faster resolutions. 


Sign 2: Poor Collaboration Tools Reduce Efficiency

Working across disparate systems also reduces efficiency. Juggling multiple tools not integrated with core IT service management (ITSM) platforms means wasted time copying and pasting across solutions.

Without embedded experiences, agents toggle between screens to access session recordings, notes, and other vital data needed for the ticket. This fragmentation slows resolutions and disrupts workflows.

ScreenMeet embeds seamlessly into your ITSM. All session data automatically attaches to the ticket, eliminating manual processes. Support stays streamlined within one unified experience, providing real-time collaboration across teams.

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Sign 3: Weak Diagnostic Capabilities Waste Time

Clunky tools also limit technicians’ ability to quickly diagnose problems without easy access to device and system data. Lack of scripting and automation leads to repetitive basic cases, consuming resources and resulting in longer resolutions.

ScreenMeet provides intuitive diagnostic widgets, expanded system access, and robust scripting to speed up issue identification and remediation. Technicians can rapidly pinpoint and fix problems with less back and forth.

Having the ability to pull logs and analyze data using ScreenMeet’s embedded solution allowed ServiceNow to be proactive with problem solving.

“With (ScreenMeet’s) dashboard and logs… the ability to upload the screenshots and to take a feature called Replay to record the issue and upload the videos to the call helped us to analyze and understand what’s going on in our environment,” says ServiceNow’s Employee Experience Innovation Manager, Liran Daniel. “It was new to us, and I can say that our agents cannot live without it today.”

Sign 4: Limited Scalability Keeps You from Growing 

As your business and customer base grow, your remote IT support platform needs to scale up smoothly to meet rising demand. But legacy solutions often strain and falter when they hit a tipping point for team size, support volume, or geographic coverage.

Once your organization reaches that ceiling, symptoms like service disruptions, system failures, and instability quickly arise. Support consistency and reliability plummet just when you need support most. On-premise tools require disruptive infrastructure upgrades to expand capacity.

Avoid the growing pains of overloaded legacy systems. ScreenMeet’s cloud-based scalability keeps your support running reliably as your business thrives without disruptive upgrades or costly renewals.

Sign 5: Insufficient Security Makes You Vulnerable

With remote device access, security is paramount. However, outdated solutions and insufficient security measures can lead to vulnerabilities, lack of control, and breaches. These symptoms can have a significant impact on businesses, including loss of customer trust and damaged reputation.

ScreenMeet offers advanced security that is globally distributed to ensure optimal performance. To enhance data protection, the platform uses end-to-end encryption when stored or transmitted, granular permissions, and access controls. ScreenMeet is also SOC 2 Type 2 certified, meaning it works in line with your existing data security systems. 

It’s Time for a Future-Ready Platform

If your platform shows symptoms like poor performance, fragmented tools, spotty diagnostics, limited scalability, or weak security, it’s time to upgrade. But don’t just rip and replace. Evolve your capabilities with purpose-built solutions like ScreenMeet.

Designed for the cloud era, ScreenMeet delivers everything modern support teams need:
  • Lightning-fast globally distributed architecture
  • Seamless embedding within existing ITSM platforms
  • Powerful diagnostic scripts and device access
  • Integrated video chat, screen sharing, and remote takeover for unified workflows
  • Robust security and compliance controls

The result? More empowered agents, happier customers, and smoother workflows.
Don’t settle for playing catchup with clunky legacy systems. Level up your remote IT support with ScreenMeet, the platform built to drive your team’s success today and in the future.

If you’re ready to make a switch, reach out to our team to explore all that ScreenMeet has to offer. We’re ready to take your business to the next level.

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