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Using ServiceNow ITSM Pro? Add ScreenMeet to Optimize the Virtual Support Experience

2020 changed the face of employee support and customer service as working remotely became the norm. Now, as we near the end of the pandemic, it’s clear that the virtual-first environment for employees and customers is not going away. In fact, the Wall Street Journal said it best: “Many businesses are bolstering videoconferencing and collaboration tools, which helped support remote work during the crisis, as they lay the groundwork for a permanent shift to hybrid offices combining physical and virtual workspaces.”

With virtual clearly in the future, it’s time to look at investing in the IT support systems, like ServiceNow’s ITSM Pro, that keep employees productive by making it simpler and intuitive to engage with IT on a support issue. How? By combining ITSM Pro with ScreenMeet, a real-time, digital engagement platform that creates a modern, frictionless end-user experience for
virtual service support.

What makes ScreenMeet the ideal partner to tools like ITSM Pro is its ability to help with support “triage”. 70 percent of service tasks are routine, while 30 percent are more complex. When improved self-help technology empowers end users to resolve those routine issues on their own,
live agents are then free to focus on the remaining 30 percent, which is where ScreenMeet comes into play.

A single cloud application that replaces legacy technology, ScreenMeet is used by IT support teams to connect to a remote device lightning fast, requiring no technical hoops for the user to jump through and posing no threat to security, so the agent can engage in interactive troubleshooting and fast issue resolution through video chat, screen sharing, file transfer, device
takeover, or a combination. Actual customer results include:

  • Global Technology company saving 8k hrs/mo with 90% of sessions connecting in less than 5 seconds;
  • Major Engineering firm saves $60,000 a month with the reduction of consultant downtime;
  • Regional Pension Fund saves $10,000/mo by recusing handling by 5 minutes per session.

The good news for ServiceNow users: Video chat, screen share, cobrowse, and remote support are available for all workflows, so users can stay ‘in platform’ and deliver better sales, service, and support experiences, especially when escalating from self-service or AI services like
Virtual Agent.

These are just a few of the many benefits provided by an ITSM Pro/ScreenMeet pairing. IT service organizations can improve IT, customer, and employee workflows, cutting down on IT support costs and improving end user satisfaction with an enhanced experience and faster resolution.

See How ScreenMeet Can Enhance IT Support

The key to the success of an IT team is addressing and resolving problems quickly so productivity doesn’t take a hit. Staying connected with the workforce in a virtual-first, work from anywhere business world through ScreenMeet provides the ability to address issues real-time. Using chat, screen-sharing and video, with interactions logged within ServiceNow, enables
the IT team to address most issues or concerns in just one session, keeping the workflow going without unnecessary interruptions or delays.

To learn more about the power of the ITSM Pro/ScreenMeet combination, download our complementary eBook:

ServiceNow ITSM Pro + ScreenMeet: Real-time Digital Engagement Platform for ServiceNow Workflows for the “Virtual-first/Work from Anywhere” Enterprise.

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