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ServiceNow Transforms IT Help Desk Performance While Reducing Costs with ScreenMeet

ScreenMeet Helps ServiceNow Save $1 Million in Operational Costs

ScreenMeet helped ServiceNow transform their IT Help Desk performance increasing first call resolutions by 32% and reducing operating costs by over $1M per year.

ServiceNow is a leading global software company based in Santa Clara, California, with a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. To keep their employees up and running on their devices, ServiceNow has more than 150 agents who provide internal help desk technical support for their 18,000 global workforce, who they call their “customers”.


The Challenge

The customers connect with the Help Desk via a portal, mobile app, or phone call. ServiceNow agents address Level 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 issues. If the Level 1 agent cannot resolve an issue, the status is escalated to Level 2, and so on. Approximately 99 percent of issues are resolved in either L1 or L2. An issue that’s escalated to L2.5 is assigned to one of the most senior members of the team, while L3 support is reserved for the infrastructure team but is rarely used.

With so much riding on this multi-level service structure supporting a large team, ServiceNow is always looking for ways to improve. Seeing that the best way to get to the next level in performance was a live, interactive tool which ran completely within their platform, the ServiceNow team quickly determined that the legacy remote support system they were using did not have that capability.


Introducing ScreenMeet

ScreenMeet had already been a valuable partner for ServiceNow, but it was time for their internal teams to look deeper into the tools their customers had raved about. After watching the ScreenMeet demo and seeing the seamless integration into their IT Workflows, the team was excited about the product’s live video interaction, screen sharing and remote takeover capabilities, and immediately saw the value it could provide to the Help Desk staff.

Liran Daniels, ServiceNow’s Employee Experience Innovation Manager, had a vision for the ServiceNow Help Desk and worked closely with ScreenMeet developers to define their requirements, which would result in a stronger, well-rounded product. The number one requirement: Integration with the ServiceNow platform, which included screen sharing, file sharing, and the ability to invite other agents to a live session in a matter of seconds.

In summer of 2021, ServiceNow introduced ScreenMeet into their Help Desk support companywide, and it has been a game changer for their support team.


Everything On One Platform

ServiceNow implemented ScreenMeet Live, Remote Support, and Beam, and ScreenMeet is available to all 150 agents at all levels. The combined products give Help Desk agents the ability to have a video/screen share (with Live) or full remote control (with Remote Support), access unattended devices (with Beam), share files, upload a screenshot to a ServiceNow ticket, and much more.

With Remote Support pre-installed on 18,000 employee devices, agents and employees are able to establish sessions quickly with no need to download, saving up to three minutes for both agent and employee, saving 6 minutes of wasted time per session. In addition, if an agent cannot resolve the problem initially, they can invite another agent at the next level of support to join the call. The best part is that everything happens within the ServiceNow platform, so there is no need to invoke additional processes, applications, or logins.


Dramatic, Immediate, Improvements

Agents loved the solution, finding it very intuitive, so adoption happened rapidly. After just a few training sessions, ScreenMeet was rolled out to the company. “It was the smoothest move ever we have done with a tool,” said Daniels. And because session notes, screen shots, call recordings, and other information are automatically added to trouble tickets, Daniels continued, “The biggest benefit so far has been the time savings, requiring fewer steps to get everything into the ticket for logging.”

ServiceNow currently uses ScreenMeet to handle 80 percent of all cases to the Service Desk and has been able make some impressive improvements:

  • 32% increase in L1 first-call resolutions
  • Reduction in case handle time from 1+ days to less than ½ a day
  • 6 minutes saved per session in connection time because no download is required for Remote Support sessions

This and other efficiency gains has led to a decrease in operational cost of over $1M per year.

Overall, employee productivity has increased, the cost of maintenance has dropped, and the customer experience is better than ever.

As Liran Daniels summed it up, “(ScreenMeet) helped me to fulfill the vision of the ServiceNow ecosystem. All the tools integrate with ServiceNow. This was my win.”

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