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ScreenMeet Scoop 2023 Q2 Edition

The ScreenMeet Scoop - 2023 Q1 Edition

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Q2 2023 Edition

Got Bots? When Your Bot Taps Out, ScreenMeet Taps In!

Customers are Adding ScreenMeet as the Fallback for Chat Bots

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The Latest Product Features and Enhancements

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  • Add ability to support 9-digit pins. 
  • Corrected issue that caused non-English text on remote clipboard to be malformed.
  • Added backend feature that properly cleans up and removes Beam device after uninstallation.
  • Optimized capture pipeline for WebRTC to improve streaming performance on Mac devices.
  • Annual SSL update. 
Live Call Live and Mobile SDK  
  • LivePlus now available - allows keyboard/mouse/remote control (stay tuned for more in next Scoop).  
  • Added functionality that allows administrators to set a default virtual camera background.
  • Fixed various UI issues.
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements for iOS and Android SD
  • Added functionality to disable the unlock scrolling feature.
  • Enhanced file transfer dialog internationalization. 
  • Implemented virus scanning upon file uploads/transfers.
  • Corrected an issue that caused file transfer, in some cases, to not work as expected.
  • Minor UI improvements in Console.
  • Fixed issue related to customer unable to use chat on Dynamics.

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 Kelly Williams, Vice President of Customer Success

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