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ScreenMeet Scoop 2023 Q1 Edition

The ScreenMeet Scoop - 2023 Q1 Edition

Your Source for the Latest News from ScreenMeet

Q1 2023 Edition

ScreenMeet Replay Driving Faster Resolution Times

ScreenMeet Customers are Achieving Great Results With Replay

  • Replay enables your customers to record their issue and submit it with the case.
  • Customer Support and Help Desk Agents get a full view of the situation during their first review by watching the video.
  • With Replay the number of interactions drops, average handle times are decreased, and customer satisfaction is increased.

Use Cases, Workflows, and Benefits

Read this three page "Replay At a Glance" to learn more

See Replay in Action 

Watch a 2-minute video of ASTM putting Replay to Work

Get Familiar with Replay

Watch our 4-minute training video in Salesforce or ServiceNow

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The Latest Product Features and Enhancements

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Remote Support   

Remote Support and Beam (Unattended)

  • Improved Auto Update for pre-deployed clients
  • Added ability for end users to opt-out of recordings 
  • Fixed mouse and key sticking issues
  • Improved Japanese language support
  • Improved file transfer handling
  • Implemented infrastructure upgrade to Beam
  • Resolved device count and search issues in Beam

Live Call

Live and Mobile SDK

  • Added new snapshot function:  take a snapshot of screen or camera, annotate, then load to the case - Watch the Video in the Release Notes for Quick Training
  • Added remote control of keyboard/mouse functionality (contact ScreenMeet to enable)
  • Added the ability to set rear camera as default
  • Corrected an issue with audio-only recordings showing video
  • Applied performance improvements and issue fixes to SDK



  • Added configuration options for default video sources
  • Improved audio recording workflow
  • Optimized recording performance

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 Kelly Williams, Vice President of Customer Success

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