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ScreenMeet Scoop 2023 Q3 Edition

The ScreenMeet Scoop - 2023 Q3 Edition

Your Source for the Latest News from ScreenMeet

Q3 2023 Edition

Spotlight on Xero  
Taking Their Customer Experience To Exceptional Levels 

We recently had the privilege of interviewing Nigel Piper, the Executive General Manger - Customer at Xero, to discuss how he is transforming their customer experience with new technologies, including ScreenMeet. 

Check out their interactive Customer Success Story!

ScreenMeet Xero interactive case study

The Latest Product Features and Enhancements

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  • Updated the Viewer and Windows client to better reflect the two layers of Administrative permissions on Windows.
  • Resolved a problem where the client wouldn't reconnect after startup if both on-demand and MSI were installed.
  • Enabled support for international keyboard layouts on MacOS.
  • Improved performance (framerate, resolution) in rare cases where VPNs/proxies degraded ScreenMeet performance on macOS.
  • Added ability to launch unattended (Beam) sessions directly from within ServiceNow.  
  • Added chat to Beam.
  • Fixed device count issue in Beam.
  • Added sound/visual notification that is sent to the agent in agent viewer when end-user sends a message via ScreenMeet chat
Live Call Live and Mobile SDK  
  • Implemented the “request screen share” feature.
  • Fixed a recording issue caused by unusual recording resolutions. 
  • Added support for session events.
  • Separated CoBrowse viewer from the Support Viewer to enhance maintainability.
  • Added ability to view CoBrowse session from within Salesforce case.
  • Added full screen option.

Replay_Orange_Transparent  Replay

  • Added branding support for the Replay experience.
  • The Replay link in the Salesforce widget has been enhanced to function as a clickable hyperlink, improving usability.

  • Console: Corrected several hover tooltips for the remote support application settings in Console.
  • Salesforce: Added the ability for the CoBrowse viewer to be visible via an iFrame within a given Salesforce object.
  • Salesforce: For scheduled ScreenMeet sessions, users now have the option to save to their calendars.
  • ServiceNow: Added Beam application so that agents may manage Beam devices through ServiceNow directly.

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 Kelly Williams, Vice President of Customer Success

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