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ScreenMeet Now Available on Genesys® AppFoundry

ScreenMeet combines with Genesys CX to digitally transform customer support for Easy Enterprise ROI

ScreenMeet combines with Genesys CX to digitally transform customer support for Easy Enterprise ROI

ScreenMeet, the leading enterprise-grade cloud-based customer experience platform, today announced its availability on the Genesys AppFoundry™, a marketplace of solutions offering a curated selection of applications and integrations that elevate customer and employee experiences.

ScreenMeet streamlines digital transformation initiatives for Genesys Cloud CX® customers, so their contact center agents can remotely connect with customers on any device, web, or application, with no download required. The sophisticated yet simple-to-use platform offers multi-channel support, automated session data logging, and sleek UX.

“We provide solutions that enable our customers to deliver more effective and productive support experiences. As remote work and online interactions become the new norm, embedded, seamless person-to-person customer support experiences are not just beneficial, but essential,” said Ben Lilienthal, ScreenMeet’s CEO.

“That’s precisely where our collaboration with Genesys comes into play. We have embedded ScreenMeet’s screen share, video and remote support functionalities with the innovative Genesys Cloud CX platform,” states Lilienthal.

“The integration delivers faster, higher-quality support interactions that exceed customer expectations while lowering operational costs. This partnership, marrying innovation with efficiency, aims to revolutionize customer support.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Genesys and be a part of Genesys AppFoundry.”

In addition to supporting Genesys Cloud CX customers, ScreenMeet is embedded in Genesys DX, so as customers transition from Genesys DX to Genesys Cloud CX, ScreenMeet will assist with a seamless shift so customers can maintain their top-notch remote support.

As a Premium App on Genesys AppFoundry, Genesys customers have the benefit of having their ScreenMeet subscriptions included on their Genesys invoice thereby simplifying vendor management.

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of ScreenMeet’s Genesys Cloud CX remote support solutions, visit the ScreenMeet AppFoundry listing

Read the full press release here.


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