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Optimize IT Service Operations for the “Virtual-First/Work from Anywhere” Enterprise

Optimize IT Service Operations for the “Virtual-First/Work from Anywhere” Enterprise

As we continue to face challenges in a work-from-home world, IT service leaders are tasked with not just keeping things running but optimizing IT service delivery despite new hurdles. Making solutions easier to use, enabling support techs and employees to collaborate effectively, and delivering scalable services at a distance are all part of creating a modern, compelling service experience and increasing productivity.

IT service delivery is better when it has a human face – but that doesn’t mean every ticket should require another Zoom meeting or Google Meet. A recent study from analyst firm Valoir found employees are spending an average of 3 hours per day with their cameras on, and that’s enough face time for anyone.

Instead, embedding flexible collaboration in IT service delivery platforms, such as ITSM Pro by ServiceNow, gives techs the right tool at the right time, and starts the process off with faster time to session activation. The choice between video, screen sharing, and chat reduces friction in the resolution process as well as reducing average handling time, which can mean significant savings for the company. 

ScreenMeet for Improved ServiceNow ITSM Remote Support

Finally, when collaboration is embedded in platform, data from the session is automatically captured in the ITSM database, improving intelligence gathering that can be used for trend analysis and more proactive service delivery.

For example, a global engineering firm that leverages ScreenMeet with ServiceNow ITSM Pro to minimize front-line down time and corresponding lost billable hours, has realized a savings of $60,000 a month with the reduction of consultant down time.

Embedded in the leading ITSM platforms, ScreenMeet helps ITSM leaders automate and optimize IT operations to deliver scalable service that increases productivity and creates a modern compelling service experience. While embedding the right collaboration in the right way is only one part of the overall service experience, it is critical to begin providing a more modern, automated, and positive experience for both support staff and end users.

To see ScreenMeet with ServiceNow ITSM Pro in action, including troubleshooting with mobile camera share and in-platform video chat, check out this 2-minute video. 

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