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Navex Customer Support Closes Cases Faster with ScreenMeet in Salesforce

Navex Transforms Their Customer Support with ScreenMeet

Navex was looking for a customer support solution that would improve their customer and employee experience, quickly connect them to customers, and efficiently help them resolve their issues faster. They wanted a solution that worked within Salesforce, and provided a one-stop shop for their employees to support their customers.

In comes ScreenMeet!

With ScreenMeet, fully integrated with Salesforce, Navex has achieved

  • a decrease in initial response time by 68%
  • a decrease in case resolution time, to hours instead of days
  • a seamless experience for both the customer and the employee

"I would definitely recommend ScreenMeet to any company that's looking to quickly connect and screen share with their customers.

ScreenMeet was such an easy solution to integrate into our existing processes and was a positive decision that we made in our customer experience journey".

Aaron Abb,  Senior Director of Customer Support, Navex



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