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How Visual Collaboration Is Making Customer Support Personal Again

The global shift toward digital channels has changed the face of customer service. Customers now expect support and engagement via phone, chat, email, and online self-service instead of traditional face-to-face interactions. 

Despite consumers’ growing unease with businesses’ data collection practices, the demand for personalized experiences has only increased. According to McKinsey, a whopping 71% of consumers say they want personalized interactions with businesses, while 76% say they are dissatisfied when interactions aren’t personalized. 

It’s clear: People want to engage with other people, not robots or automated systems. 

Adaptability, digital efficiency, and personalization have become imperative for modern support teams. This is where innovative solutions such as ScreenMeet fully embedded in Salesforce Service Cloud can make a difference. 

By enabling screen sharing, cobrowsing, and video within an agent’s workflow, ScreenMeet delivers the collaboration capabilities necessary to thrive in today’s digital landscape and reshape the customer experience.

See What Your Customers See for Fast Problem Solving

When dealing with complex processes or troubleshooting difficult technical issues, being able to visually show and guide customers step-by-step is invaluable. ScreenMeet provides reliable interactions on desktops and mobile devices, allowing support agents to see what their customers see. The best part? No customer downloads or plug-ins are needed. Customers can instantly share their screens via the browser, instantly connecting their screens with agents.

Screen sharing allows agents to seamlessly view and interact with the pages and apps customers are seeing to demonstrate operations, walk through instructions, and complete a form. Interactive annotated drawings, cursor sharing, and highlight capabilities allow agents to “show, not just tell” while ensuring clarity and understanding.

Cobrowsing sessions add an extra layer of protection when it comes to a customer’s private data. Agents can see only the website the end user is viewing; no other applications or notifications can be seen. Best of all, customer’s confidential information, such as account numbers, bank balances, passwords, and other sensitive data, is automatically hidden, so customers don’t have to worry about having their personal information stolen. 

By leveraging screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities with ScreenMeet, brands can facilitate shorter handling times, higher first contact resolution rates, and greater customer satisfaction through visually collaborative service.


Create Real Connections with Face-to-Face Video

One of the key challenges of customer service is the lack of person-to-person contact. Sure, phone calls can be helpful, but there are almost always challenges, such as poor connections, dropped calls and other communication problems.  Human connection and rapport from in-person service remain vital.

ScreenMeet delivers all the benefits of face-to-face customer interactions, embedded directly in the digital channel. Salesforce Service Cloud users can launch instant video calls with customers at the click of a button, without ever leaving the console. Live video allows agents to pick up visual cues, respond appropriately, and develop meaningful personal connections. 

For customers dealing with complex issues, being able to visually share their situation and feelings through video often results in greater empathy, understanding, and satisfaction than voice-only calls. ScreenMeet also enables seamless escalations from digital channels such as Einstein, chat and SMS to fully visual video engagements when the situation demands a more personalized experience. This seamlessness creates a welcoming environment for customers that will surprise and delight from the start. 


Optimize Support with Integrated Intelligence

An added benefit of deep Salesforce integration is how ScreenMeet sessions generate actionable support intelligence. All session data, metrics, and recordings are automatically captured directly in Service Cloud for easy access and analysis. 

ScreenMeet Dashboard Reports in Salesforce for Customer Support

Support leaders gain invaluable insight into overall digital engagement efficacy and see how agents are using tools such as screen sharing and video. Customer effort scores, first contact resolution, and other key performance indicators can be tracked to optimize processes.

Macro trends around issues and resolutions also inform training, staffing, and advancement opportunities. ScreenMeet allows support teams to measure and improve digital customer experiences over time through integrated intelligence.

These increased efficiencies help reduce operating expenses and rapidly increase ROI. 


Scale Customer Support Operations

Implementing solutions that improve digital engagement, connectivity, and intelligence is imperative. As Salesforce staff discovered, ScreenMeet integrated seamlessly into Service Cloud delivers transformative collaboration capabilities that drive these new customer service essentials. 

Visually engaging users, resolving problems faster, delivering personalized interactions at scale, and optimizing operations through data are all possible. By enabling continuous scalability and maximum reliability, ScreenMeet allows brands to meet rising digital demands and facilitate the type of positive experiences that create long-term customer loyalty.

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