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How to Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Remote Support in 2024

Outdated and antiquated remote support systems just don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. They’re slow, limited, and risky. These issues lead to frustratingly slow support that disappoints customers and agents, drives up costs, hurts productivity, and results in missed opportunities.

Your team needs tools to quickly diagnose issues, troubleshoot problems, and guide users to solutions, no matter where they are.

Knowing when to switch your remote tech support is essential. How can you determine whether your existing tools are failing you? What are the perks of migrating to a true cloud-native solution? Let’s take a look.

Indicators Your Current Remote Support Is Outdated

Lagging Performance Issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow, glitchy remote support sessions. If connections lag and freeze, troubleshooting and resolutions will crawl. Symptoms like frozen screens point to outdated on-premise infrastructure that can’t keep up. 

Platforms like ScreenMeet leave those performance roadblocks in the dust. Our system leverages cutting-edge infrastructure to enable smooth, fast remote support sessions without lag or interruptions. ScreenMeet is cloud-native and fully embedded in the ITSM platform,  enabling your team to diagnose and resolve issues much faster, making everyone happier.

Slow response times are another sign your platform is due for a refresh. Customers and employees expect efficient assistance on demand. Delays lead to dissatisfaction. Upgrading to cloud-native software delivers speedy support and helps productivity and satisfaction soar. 

Costly Maintenance Renewals

The mandatory renewal fees legacy vendors tack on year after year provide little or no extra value while chomping away at your budget. You get stuck paying more and more just to keep aging solutions limping along.

But constant upgrades bring your remote support capabilities to the next level rather than just maintaining the status quo at a higher cost. At ScreenMeet, we break this vicious cycle with affordable pricing that evolves as your needs do. 

No maintenance fees, no forced upgrades, and no maximum concurrent users.

Instead of dreading yearly renewal notices, you gain flexible access to the latest tools and features for responsive, cost-effective support. 

Isn’t it time to ditch renewal fees offering minimal return on investment for a solution that helps you do more at a lower cost? It’s time to migrate beyond maintenance fees and step into the cloud-powered future with ScreenMeet.

Missing Key Features

Supporting a distributed workforce with outdated tools missing key capabilities just doesn’t cut it anymore. Between lack of mobile optimization, limited collaboration tools, and barebones automation, you end up with workflow bottlenecks rather than seamless support. 

The right software makes all the difference. Purpose-built, cloud-native, embedded platforms such as ScreenMeet, provide the robust, integrated features modern IT teams need. With instant video calls, remote takeover, screen sharing,smart chatbots, and more, you can deliver real-time online tech support experiences that are easy, secure, and reliable. 

You don’t have to settle for less or leave your agents underequipped. With a fully embedded solution, agents never need to leave the ITSM, streamlining processes and saving up to 6 minutes per incident. You can also enable simple and powerful reporting, meet data compliance requirements by automatically storing all session data in the ITSM or your cloud. Additionally, you cut out unnecessary risk by having all authentication and session management through the ITSM.

Making the move from legacy remote support software means future-proof tools tailored to the needs of hybrid work and beyond. 

Difficult Deployment and Training

Legacy remote support tools can be a nightmare to deploy and train on. These systems can create complex rollouts, increase training times, and reduce productivity. Not to mention, they’re old and outdated. 

Moving to cloud-native remote tech support is the only way to keep up with future demands. You need a platform that provides smooth support, boosts productivity, and leads to faster solutions.

With a fully embedded solution you can deploy at speed to realize value from day one, and your team can be future-ready in no time. Quickly diagnose issues, troubleshoot problems, and guide users to solutions, no matter where they are.

Transition Seamlessly to New Solutions

Transitioning to new remote support technology doesn’t have to cause major business disruptions or downtime. ScreenMeet streamlines rollouts without the headaches or high costs. You don’t need to look for money; ScreenMeet will use your existing budget and help you make the transition.

Getting started is easy and hassle free.

ScreenMeet’s integrations are designed to embed capabilities into your existing workflows, thereby avoiding migration roadblocks. Instead of wading through complicated installations, users can start right away with a click of their web browser- no training needed.

“It was the smoothest move we have done with a tool." And because session notes, screen shots, call recordings, and other information are automatically added to the incident, "the biggest benefit so far has been the time savings, requiring fewer steps to get everything into the ticket for logging,” says Liran Daniel, Employee Experience Innovation Manager of ServiceNow. 

Little or no business disruption means you can swap systems quickly and focus on ramping up value. 

The results? Happy customers and agents! 

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Tech Stack

Outdated tools hold your business back. But upgrading your remote support technology is a high-impact investment.

The gains speak for themselves: 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Smooth performance and enhanced capabilities let agents resolve issues faster.
  • Lower costs: Ditch expensive maintenance fees and drive efficiency.
  • Improved security: Advanced protections secure networks, devices, and data.
  • Exceptional customer experience: Faster, higher-quality assistance increases customer satisfaction.
  • More engaged and empowered teams: Intuitive user interfaces simplify workflows and reduce frustration.

Take Your Support to the Next Level

You know when it’s time to make the move. Rising costs, weak performance, and missing innovative features are hints that you need to switch to modern platforms. Staying with outdated systems will only hold your business back.

ScreenMeet is a faster and more robust solution that ITSM leaders like ServiceNow have already switched to. Its cloud-native architecture and being embedded in the platforms you’re already using makes a big difference, so it’s easy to use and offers more ROI with less training, and no extra costs.

It has helped them optimize operations, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive edge.

Join the future of remote support with ScreenMeet, purpose-built for the digital age.

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