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ScreenMeet Scoop May 2022

ScreenMeet Scoop eNewsletter - February 2022

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Remote Support

Remote Support and Beam (Unattended)

  • Added ability to play audio recordings within the Console without having to download.
  • Added ability in the File Transfer window to open the folder that files will be transferred to on the host.
  • Beam logging configuration updated for ScreenMeet console.
  • Click on Remote Support to review the full list.

Live Call

Live and Mobile SDK

  • Added option to customize the browser title.
  • Live now supports Chrome on iOS 14.3 and later.
  • Added support for Static IP.
  • Click on Live to review the full list.





  • Added support for Canvas elements.
  • Added support for mimicking mouse gestures for remote-control.
  • Resolved issue where Tools menu header is untidy when minimized.
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Integrations: Microsoft  |  Salesforce  |  ServiceNow | Console

  • ScreenMeet now provides integration with Dynamics Customer Service Hub.
  • Added Okta integration for user management/permissions.
  • Added capability for partner sub-orgs to automatically inherit all configs from the main partner organization.
  • Click on Console to review full list.

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The Value of ScreenMeet


Check out the value that OTPP has achieved since they transformed their IT Help Desk with ScreenMeet. (2 minute video)


Hot Topic: ScreenMeet Replay

Hot Topic

Watch this demo to see how your customers can record their issue and load it to the case with Replay. (2.5 minute video)


Modernizing DCX for Customer and Agent


Listen to the Executives from Salesforce and ScreenMeet discuss the modernization of Customer Support. (45 minute video)


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