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ScreenMeet Scoop February 2022

ScreenMeet Scoop eNewsletter - February 2022

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Release Section Header (2)

Remote Support_Blue

Remote Support and Beam (Unattended)

  • Ability to see multiple customer monitors and handle ultra wide screens 
  • Improved recording capabilities
  • Improved connect / reconnect functionality
  • Functionality for Beams clients to auto update
  • Enhanced Beam Group UX


Live Call_Orange

Live and Mobile SDK

  • Live 2 now available with upgraded UX, HD, File sharing
  • Enhanced virtual background performance
  • Improved audio functionality
  • SDK now available for native iOS and Android
  • Improvements to SDK remote control feature




  • New product!  
  • Allow customers to record issues and load to your CRM
  • Review when received to improve efficiency of agents




  • Allow use of static IP's and domain wildcard
  • Enhanced support of IE 10/11
  • Improved recording functionality
  • French translation availability
  • Improved copy text functionality

CRM Round
Integrations: Microsoft  |  Salesforce  |  ServiceNow 

  • Microsoft: Ability to schedule Live sessions, agent ability to enable / disable guest video, security rule fixes
  • Salesforce:  Support for scheduling in widget, ability to join before guest, list of ScreenMeet related files
  • ServiceNow: Introduced Service Account functionality, added support for Replay, added ScreenMeet API wrapper

Value Section Header (2)


EVP of Customer Support, Salesforce

Testimonials - Blue

Watch a brief recording of Jim Roth discussing the impact of ScreenMeet on the Salesforce Customer Support organization


Escalating a Live session to Remote Support

Hot Topic - Orange

Watch a ScreenMeet Short demonstrating the steps to escalate Live to Remote Support


OTPP IT Help Desk Transformation

Events - Blue

View our Webinar with Waqas Mahmud as he describes their transformation with the help of ScreenMeet


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