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Teleperformance Reduces Remote Support Friction with ScreenMeet and ServiceNow

Imagine a world where AI-powered technical support is not just a back-office function but a seamless, efficient experience that solves problems in real-time. In our fast-paced digital age, this is not a luxury but a necessity. Enter ScreenMeet, a revolutionary cloud-based remote support tool that transforms how technicians interact with end users. By integrating flawlessly with ServiceNow, ScreenMeet empowers technicians to deliver exceptional AI-driven support right on the user’s device.

In this video and recap, we go behind the scenes with Teleperformance, a global titan in digital business solutions, to explore their decision-making process and the beginning of their journey with ScreenMeet and ServiceNow.


Teleperformance’s Digital Transformation Journey

Teleperformance, with its vast network of 500,000 employees and 5,000 ITIL users, embarked on a digital transformation journey to consolidate multiple ITIL packages into a unified system. Their goal was to streamline processes and ensure consistency across all regions. ServiceNow emerged as the ideal partner, offering seamless integration and a comprehensive suite of modules to support their needs.

Choosing ScreenMeet

During their search for a remote support solution, Teleperformance prioritized seamless integration with ServiceNow. ScreenMeet stood out for its ease of installation and immediate operability.

ScreenMeet was a seamless install, and it was up and running instantly - Danny Hough, VP Strategy and Governance, Teleperformance


Technicians at Teleperformance can now instantly connect to end users' devices, troubleshoot issues, and have all interaction data automatically recorded in the incident management system. This integration has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their support operations.

Adopting AI and Future Prospects

Teleperformance is actively incorporating AI into its digital transformation strategy. With help from ServiceNow, they have deployed various Now Assist features and are continuously exploring new capabilities.

ScreenMeet is also advancing with AI, introducing a new feature called GenAI Summarization. This feature creates human-readable summaries of technician sessions, which are then integrated into the incident records. This not only saves time for technicians but also enhances the quality of knowledge entered into the system.

The long-term vision for this technology is to enable ServiceNow’s virtual agent to learn from these summaries, potentially automating more incident resolutions in the future.

What's Next?

The partnership between Teleperformance, ScreenMeet, and ServiceNow showcases the power of seamless integration and advanced AI technology in transforming remote support operations. By adopting innovative solutions like ScreenMeet and leveraging AI capabilities, Teleperformance is setting a new standard in digital business solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on how ScreenMeet continues to innovate and drive efficiency in AI-powered remote support services.

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