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Lowering the Temperature of a Support Call with Digital-First Engagement

Use ScreenMeet to Lower the Temperature of a Support Call with Digital-First Engagement

If you’ve ever taken calls and worked on a support desk, then you’ve likely experienced that customer who needs to have a “pound of flesh” from you before you’re able to have an opportunity to really help them. This is an unfortunate reality for many service representatives throughout the day.

Imagine the time savings and, perhaps even more important, the reduction in service fatigue, if those persons would simply allow the technician to focus on resolving the issue, showing them ‘how to’ or provide the answer to their question.

Who do you know that seems to enjoy shouting their opinions and “talking over” others on social media? Now consider that same person and those times when you have had a face-to-face conversation. Very often people do not “talk” to you the way in person as they do when they are behind a keyboard. The same is true with interactions with service representatives taking phone calls versus those standing at the counter dealing with a customer issue.

Service leaders are forced to spend valuable resources training their technicians on techniques to lower the temperature of the caller, including things to say when a customer is upset about the product or service. 

Seeing the service technician using video-chat has a similar effect on customer interactions.   

Humanizing the support experience with video allows the customer to immediately realize that the technician is a person who, after looking into their eyes, realizes that he/she is there to help. 

Learn more about how video is helping enhance customer interactions in this eBook.

Lowering the temperature of the call saves time, reduces technician burnout, and positively impacts the most common service desk / call center KPI’s.

One customer has seen a 30% increase in First Call Resolution in their first month with ScreenMeet  embedded in Salesforce Service Cloud, saving the company time and money while improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Rather than trying to force meeting tools like Zoom or Teams into remote support solutions by integrating them with tired, legacy remote-control tools like Bomgar, LogMeIn, or TeamViewer you can modernize your service center and reduce the number of digital engagement channels with a solution that feels like a native application feature, such as in ServiceNow, Salesforce or Zendesk. 

With ScreenMeet you get faster connections, in-platform experience, and no additional software or hardware for a real-time, virtual-first engagement with your customer… which is simply a better support experience.    

If you’re interested in learning how ScreenMeet can help your company deliver better customer and employee experiences, please contact us for a custom product demonstration here.

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