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5 Unique Cobrowsing Features That Will Enhance Your Experience

5 Unique Cobrowsing Features That Will Enhance Your Experience

Customers are likely to spend a staggering 140% more after a positive interaction than customers who report negative experiences. This astounding stat drives home the need to ensure every customer experience isn’t just ‘ok,’ but meaningful, memorable, enduring. Cobrowsing—sessions where two or more individuals browse the same web page at the same time—is an innovative approach to enhance this crucial business operational area, enabling rich one-on-one interactions.

Amid ever-evolving customer demands and ever-increasing customer choices, delivering consistent customer experiences is a powerful way for brands to attract new clients, retain existing ones, and ensure sustainability. Getting there means looking through the eyes of the customer, and cobrowsing can render the process much faster and more engaging.


What is Cobrowsing?

Support can be a frustrating experience for the customer and the agent. It often spins its wheels in an unending cycle of questions and answers that often lead to nowhere. Cobrowsing, also known as collaborative browsing, solves this problem effectively, as this very basic cobrowsing simulation shows.

A.Gent: Good day, you’re speaking to A.Gent. How can I help?
Mr. Lewis: Hello. I am having problems completing the application form. Some parts are confusing.
A.Gent: I’m sorry to hear that sir. No worries let's sort this quickly... Just click on the “co-browse” button on your screen and give me the code.
Mr. Lewis: Sure, the code is XXXXX.
A.Gent: Great, now let’s complete the form together.
Mr. Lewis: Voila! Thank you so much for your assistance. It was really a great experience.
A.Gent: A pleasure to have helped, sir. Is there anything else you need help with?
Mr. Lewis: No, that’s it.
A.Gent: Alright. Good day Mr. Lewis and stay safe.

As the scenario shows, the problem is resolved in the first contact and significantly enhances the customer experience and brand perception. Cobrowsing is a great tool for helping clients who are stuck or frustrated, providing a smart option for agents to turn a potentially bad experience into a positive outcome.


#1 No Installation Needed

The last thing a customer wants to do when on a support call is be asked to install software to get the help they need. One of the most appealing cobrowsing features is that it does not require any add-ons.

A more detailed sequence of steps to set up a cobrowsing session entails:
  1. Customer initiates support request via chat.
  2. The agent asks the customer if they would like to cobrowse.
  3. If yes, the agent sends a cobrowsing request.
  4. At this stage, the customer must agree and perform some sort of validation before the session begins. Each implementation is different but some common scenarios are: selecting YES or NO to a screen popup or providing a PIN code.
  5. Once the user confirms, the session begins.
  6. After the issue is resolved, the agent exits the session.

#2 Fully Integrated With Other Channels

In today’s digital-first landscape, the omnichannel experience is key to engaging customers in a way that works for them. Whether it is text, chat, voice, or video, integrating this technology ensures a consistent experience across all channels. Not only that, being able to seamlessly switch from a low-touch point to a high-touch point interaction ensures your customers don’t get stranded without the help they need.

As a web-native technology, cobrowsing easily integrates with other systems. You can launch sessions from your CRM/CSM platform. That way, agents don’t need to constantly switch apps to access customer information while providing support.


#3 Enhanced Upselling and Support

Cobrowsing isn’t just for support though. Sales teams have latched on to the huge value of this feature. When done right, cobrowsing can be an excellent upselling tool. Sales agents can direct site visitors to related products, explain features and options while recommending items that may be a better fit for the customer’s needs. Sales reps can also display marketing materials that offer more details about various products.


#4 High Touch Customer Support

According to Deloitte, customers share a positive brand experience with an average of nine people, but tell 16 people about a negative experience. The key to making sure their experience is a positive one is personalized support.

Cobrowsing is the closest interaction to face-to-face support. It’s a more intimate, interactive experience that feels more authentic than low-touch experiences such as email, for example. High-touch support involves a much higher level of participation. One that users will appreciate when they want to move beyond static FAQs, a knowledge base, or support documents.

What’s most important about these high-touch interactions is that they can help increase first-call resolution rates and eliminate repeated support requests for the same issue. These types of interactions show customers you are invested in them and their success.


#5 Safety and Security

For customers, the thought of giving anyone access to their screens is likely to cause a bit of angst. What will the agent be able to see? How do I know they aren’t going to take over my device? Will I get a virus on my device? All of these questions are going to come up and for good reason. However, there is little to worry about. Cobrowsing, by its very nature, is super safe and secure.

With cobrowsing, the agent only has access to the customer's browser, more specifically they only have eyes on the current tab. Additionally, the agent can see the screen only after the customer agrees to accept the connection. And with no software to install, there’s no risk of your computer getting infected with a virus or malware from a cobrowsing session.


Level Up Your Customer Support With ScreenMeet’s Solutions

Cobrowsing is a game-changer when it comes to customer support interactions. It is an ideal solution that’s easy to use and, as mentioned, requires no installation. More importantly, it is a tool that gives customers the standard of service they need to feel valued. A level of service they will remember long after a session has ended.

Whether it’s sales, IT support, or customer service, however you need to collaborate, ScreenMeet provides a seamless in-platform cobrowsing solution using video calling, screen sharing, and remote takeover that is native to Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRM/ITSM platforms. Simple, robust, and secure, our platform is designed for this new age of collaboration that empowers sales, service, and support teams to deliver exceptional one-on-one customer interactions consistently.

Looking to increase your first call resolution, boost in call volume handling, and reduce in case handling time to deliver more pronounced customer experiences? Schedule a ScreenMeet demo today and discover firsthand how you can leverage this technology to make this happen.

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