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ServiceNow Transforms Their IT Help Desk Performance with ScreenMeet

In the summer of 2021, ServiceNow introduced ScreenMeet into their Help Desk support companywide, and it has been a game changer. By implementing ScreenMeet Live, Remote Support, and Beam, ScreenMeet is available to all 150 agents at all levels. The combined products give Help Desk agents the ability to have a video/screen share (with Live) or full remote control (with Remote Support), access unattended devices (with Beam), share files, upload a screenshot to a ServiceNow ticket, and much more.

In addition, by pre-installing ScreenMeet Remote Support on 18,000 employee devices, agents and employees are able to establish sessions quickly, saving up to three minutes in connection time for both agent and employee, resulting in a savings of six minutes per session. This has led to more than a 50% decrease in Operating Expenses, increased employee and agent satisfaction, without ever needing to leave the ServiceNow platform.

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To read the full story about how ScreenMeet transformed ServiceNow's IT Help desk performance, view the article here.





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