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Remote Support Software Buyer’s Guide

With an ever-changing business world, more and more companies are faced with the need to adapt their business to a remote work scenario. With businesses facing the necessity of transitioning part if not all of their workforce to work from home many are looking for solutions to help them manage this change from a traditional office setting with easy access to their IT department to agents working in various locations. Remote work means a higher need to provide high-quality support from your IT team to your workforce and clients to address their technical support needs.

While some companies may have already had some of their workforce working remotely and have systems and software in place to assist with the transition; many companies have never offered remote work and are starting from scratch. In order to ensure that your business can continue functioning without disruption and as smoothly as possible it is important to find the right remote support software for your IT team to keep your company connected and productive.

What is Remote Support Software?

Remote Support Software offers businesses the ability to securely connect their IT department directly to an agent or customer's system from anywhere in the world. With web-based software, all that is needed to connect a technician to an agent or customer's device is a working internet connection. This allows IT teams to assist your workforce and clients in a manner that allows for the rapid identification of the problem source on the end user's work system and implement a solution quickly and efficiently.

Can Remote Support Software Assist Your Business?

From small businesses to large corporations, in industries from technology to manufacturing, remote support software can streamline your business practices and customer interactions. If your company has a workforce that is in various office locations or works from home, remote support software is critical to support these workers and give them the tools and easy access to the IT team that they need to address any problems that may occur. For companies that must offer technical support to their customers, remote solutions give your company the edge in meeting a customer's needs in real-time.

Benefits of Remote Support Software

Remote Support Software makes your IT department's job easier and your workforce or client's job easier through remote communication tools to talk, video chat, and screen share when addressing concerns or issues. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement that saves time and money for your company and customers. The faster a problem is identified and resolved the faster your workforce can continue to meet their goals and remain productive. Unsolved and pending IT issues can lead to delays in addressing customer needs, workforce frustration, and the inevitable reduced productivity until the issue is resolved.

For tech companies with customers seeking solutions to their own technical problems, a web-based remote support software can help your agents address and solve technical issues from anywhere in the world with ease. Remote support software can reduce or eliminate the need for technician appointments that lead to further delays in addressing a customer's issues and improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Remote Support Software For Your Business?

Security Features for Your Company & End-Users

The safety and security of your company's data should be of utmost concern to you when deciding on software for your business. Ensure that the software you choose has capabilities in place to protect your company data and customer's confidentiality with features such as password-protected cloud storage, auditing and logging reports, encrypted connections, controls for authentication and authorization, etc.

Ease of Use & Accessibility

While your IT department has the technical expertise and knowledge to adapt to any remote support software; you will need to ensure that the software you choose will be easy to use and access by its intended end-users, whether that be customers or your workforce.

The purpose of remote support software is to allow your IT team to quickly identify a problem and offer a solution. If the remote support software is difficult to maneuver for an everyday end-user it will only add frustration and dissatisfaction rather than accomplishing its intended goal. A simple web-based software is a great option that does not require the additional step and burden of downloading an application which can cause issues in and of itself for the end-user.

Seamless Integration with Your Current CRM or ITSM

One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing remote support software is that the software is compatible with your current CRM or ITSM application. Seamless integration allows for a streamlined approach for your team to get right to work on providing your customers and agents with the support they need.

Success with the Right Tools in Place

Implementing the right support software into your current business processes will allow your company to succeed by remaining connected with your customers and workforce. With the ability to address issues in real-time through chat, screen-sharing, and video your team will be able to address most issues or concerns in just one session allowing for increased productivity and the continuation of the workflow without unnecessary disruptions or delays.

Satisfied IT Teams & End Users

The impacts of integrating remote support software with your current CRM and ITSM applications will lead to not just improved satisfaction and productivity among your end-users such as agents and customers but also that of your IT department. By giving your IT department this capability and tool they will be able to deliver faster and higher quality service to your end-users and reduce frustrations all around. A satisfied IT department means higher success rates in solving customer and agent problems and higher satisfaction in their own work and that of your company.

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