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6 Cobrowsing Applications in Customer Support

ScreenMeet support tools for cobrowsing

Customer service is becoming more and more important for all businesses across the board. Consumers have increasingly high expectations of what they need from businesses. This means that companies are constantly striving to find ways to provide quick and comprehensive customer support solutions that are as personalized as possible. One of the most innovative customer support solutions to date is cobrowsing. This is your guide to why cobrowsing is the ultimate customer service solution and the 6 most important customer support applications that your cobrowser should have.

The Benefits of Adopting Cobrowsing as a Customer Support Solution

Increase revenue - The ability to view a customer's browser in real-time allows your agent to guide them through your website and support them throughout the buying process and even to the completion of a purchase. This translates into higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Improve customer satisfaction - Cobrowsing provides fast and comprehensive customer service which leads to happy consumers.

Increase customer service productivity - Cobrowsing takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting what the issue is by giving you the ability to see what the customer sees. This reduces call handling time, which means that your support team can handle more calls in a shorter amount of time.

Improve customer retention - Cobrowsing creates the ultimate customer service experience, which means these customers will likely be repeat consumers!

The 6 Most Important Use Cases for Cobrowsing Applications

When searching for the best cobrowser to integrate into your websites for optimal customer service, there are six main features you should look for.

Versatile Annotation Tools

Annotation tools are drawing and text tools that can be used by both the customer support agent and the consumer to draw attention to certain features on the webpage. These tools act as visual aids throughout the entire process, enhancing the consumer's experience. This feature is useful for your agents in helping customers find links, pages, products, forms, and any other information they may be having trouble locating.

For instance, let's say that a consumer wants to download a demo of your product but is unable to navigate the process successfully. If the consumer can't find a solution, they won't try the demo, and will not buy the product. This is a lost sale. However, through cobrowsing a customer service representative can walk this customer through the entire process of downloading the demo in real-time. By the time the session ends, the consumer not only knows the steps to download the demo but already has it downloaded and ready for use.

Superior Two-Way Video

Two-way video offers the ultimate visual engagement customer support solution. This feature is the closest you can get to recreating an in-person customer support experience online. Video allows your team to not only cobrowse and collaborate with clients in real-time but to be able to communicate more effectively to solve issues.

Let's say that you are pitching your product to a client who is interested in carrying it in their store. The ability to not only cobrowse your webpage to effectively point out different features and benefits of the product but to also engage in two-way video chat is important. It creates a level of personalization and trust that may be the difference in landing a client or missing out on a great sale.

Convenient File Transfer

File transfer refers to the ability to share content such as Word documents, PDFs, desktop applications, and so much more over the internet. This is important if customers are needing access to forms to fill out, instruction manuals, product specifications, etc.

For example, let's say that you have an online rental company that rents out chairs, tables, tents, and such for parties and events. You have a customer who is interested in renting equipment for their next event. The issue is that they aren't able to successfully submit the rental form. File sharing allows your agent to share a rental form via file transfer over the internet. The customer can fill out the form, with your guidance if need be and send it right back. The customer is now highly satisfied because a quick and comprehensive solution was provided with minimal effort on their part.

Helpful Session Recording

Session recording refers to simply recording sessions on your web page. This feature is beneficial for ensuring that your conversion rate is optimized and eliminating customer frustration. Session recording allows your customer service team to essentially virtually sit-in on a customer's session so that they can already see the solutions that have been tried. This eliminates the redundancy of consumers and agents having to go back and forth about which techniques have been tried and which ones haven't. Cobrowsing with session recording allows your agents to solve problems more quickly.

Let's say your company sells smartwatches. A customer calls in with a technical issue pertaining to their smartwatch. Cobrowsing with session recording allows the agent to troubleshoot and help the customer resolve the issue without wasted time and redundancy.

Secure PII Data Masking

Cobrowsing understandably raises the question of privacy. A cobrowser that features PII data masking protects consumers' confidential data from unintended exposure and even goes as far as to prevent the customer support agent from seeing any sensitive information that could be used to identify the person. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Social security numbers
  • Drivers licenses
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Passports
  • Email addresses

For instance, if a consumer is in the process of making a purchase and begins to enter their credit information, this solution ensures that the information entered will not be visible to the customer support representative.

Personalized Voice Feature

The integration of a voice feature in a cobrowsing application allows customers the option to initiate a call with a customer support agent. This can be done easily with the click of a button through your website, meaning there's no need for dialing. Voice feature creates a more personalized and enhanced customer service experience. It is important to note that voice is available through ScreenMeet with the addition of ScreenMeet Live which combined with their cobrowsing solution provides second-to-none-customer service.

For example, let's say a customer is unable to navigate the purchasing process of your website. Instead of exiting with frustration, he or she can call your customer service department directly from your website and get the help needed to complete the purchase.

The Ultimate Cobrowsing Solution

ScreenMeet offers state-of-the-art cobrowsing solutions. Agents can walk end-users through any process on the website in real-time. ScreenMeet CoBrowse provides all 6 of the above must-have cobrowsing applications and so much more when you combine cobrowsing with ScreenMeet Live for the ultimate customer experience. Request a demo today to find out more!

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