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3 Tools to Boost Your Remote Support Game

Providing speedy issue resolution anytime, anywhere has become the mandate for modern IT help desks. However, fractured tools and workflows can result in frustrated customers and overwhelmed remote support agents. Studies have shown that 65% of IT Help Desk teams are experiencing excessive stress and burnout, so it’s crucial to give them the right tools.   

Purpose-built solutions such as ScreenMeet, embedded directly in ServiceNow and leading ITSM platforms, unlock seamless remote support for instant productivity. With the secure remote access, collaboration, and automation capabilities agents need built in, teams can swiftly troubleshoot Incidents without location or device barriers.

Read on to learn how innovative capabilities such as rapid connectivity, efficient interfaces, and ironclad security enable help desks to resolve issues in minutes rather than hours. Equipping your team with such tools tailored specifically for remote support establishes standout success as they boost satisfaction and loyalty through fast, transparent customer experiences.

3 Must-Have Tools for Standout Remote Support Agents


Tool #1: Cloud-Native Software

Complex on-premise software forces agents to struggle with downloads, access limitations, and disjointed experiences. Cloud-native solutions promote simplicity and speed, with options like ScreenMeet seamlessly embedded into existing ITSM platforms to further refine and expedite processes.

ScreenMeet integrated into ServiceNow ITSM is browser-based, with no agent installs required.

This means agents can lend support and resolve issues faster.

Enables Support from Anywhere

Our secure web-based software means agents can lend support no matter where they’re located, whether at home, in shared office spaces, or even abroad. By centralizing tools and data in the cloud, our platform removes geographic barriers to empower exceptional remote assistance.

Speeds Issue Resolution

With an omnichannel view of customer data in one intuitive portal, agents can jump between interaction histories, support transcripts, equipment details, and more to diagnose and solve problems rapidly. Contextual insights reduce back-and-forth while fast-tracking resolutions even for complex requests.

Builds Customer Trust

Collaboration enhancements such as screen sharing, remote control, and video chat facilitate the convenience and personal connections customers expect when problems arise. Our cloud tools shrink distances to earn customer confidence through responsive, transparent interactions.

Tool #2: Automation for Efficiency

Manual processes create friction that slows down agents and hampers the customer experience. The right automation handling administrative work allows agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

ScreenMeet seamlessly integrates remote sessions into ServiceNow for features like:

  • Automated session logging to relevant Incidents
  • Automatic capture of critical interaction data
  • Time savings from reduced administrative tasks
  • More energy available to address customer needs 

Automation also unlocks advanced use cases through ScreenMeet’s real-time collaboration capabilities. Here are a few examples.

Remote Takeover

Agents can securely access employee devices to diagnose and resolve problems collaboratively through integrated video, voice, screen sharing, and mobile camera functionality.


Agents see only the relevant page rather than the entire screen during collaboration, preventing exposure of sensitive information.

Asynchronous Support

Employees can record videos of problems on desktops or mobile devices and submit Incidents without live back-and-forth, saving everyone time.

These are advanced yet easy-to-use examples of how purpose-built tools embed the right automation to streamline workflows and enable more empowering customer experiences.

By handling the busywork AND enabling sophisticated use cases, forward-thinking solutions increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. ScreenMeet integrated natively into ServiceNow delivers the automation that supercharges support teams.

Tool #3: Uncompromising Enterprise-Grade Security


Protecting sensitive customer data is paramount when providing remote support. ScreenMeet enables ironclad security by leveraging the strength of AWS cloud infrastructure and ServiceNow authentication.

Key aspects include:

☑️ SOC 2 Type 2 certification

☑️ Encryption safeguarding all interaction data

☑️ Customizable storage options to meet regulatory needs

☑️ Granular access controls and robust permissions

☑️ ServiceNow single sign-on

With all session authentication flowing through customers’ own ServiceNow instances, ScreenMeet adheres to existing identity management policies for seamless yet secure integration.

As true partners deeply invested in our customers’ success, ScreenMeet helps IT leaders achieve operational excellence and earn stakeholder trust through state-of-the-art protection. 

Key transformed KPIs include:

  • Improved help desk performance metrics
  • Boosted end-user satisfaction scores
  • Reduced risk profile through enterprise-grade security
  • Greater transparency and confidence

Purpose-built SaaS solutions don’t just provide strong security tools; they instill peace of mind across the entire customer journey. ScreenMeet integrated in ServiceNow enables that holistic experience, so customers can be confident that their most sensitive data remains protected as agents access systems to swiftly resolve problems. 

Empower Standout Success

Legacy tools hold remote support teams back through fractured workflows, limited mobility, manual drudgery, and reactive security.

Modern solutions such as ScreenMeet seamlessly embedded in ServiceNow promote:

Simplified experiences: Intuitive browser-based access requiring no complex installations

Efficient workflows: Automation handling administrative tasks for more customer focus

Secure collaboration: Ironclad protection of sensitive customer data

Purpose-built to transform support, ScreenMeet alleviates IT pain points through several key improvements:

  • 32% boost in first contact resolution
  • Over 50% faster incident handling
  • 6+ minutes increased productivity per session

By embedding excellence through innovations in mobility, automation, and security, ScreenMeet integrated with ServiceNow provides must-have tools for standout success.

It’s time to realize ROI within months and elevate your help desk KPIs to new heights. Book a live demo now to learn more!

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