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Voice, Video, and ServiceNow: How To Deliver True Omnichannel Customer Service

How To Deliver True Omnichannel Customer Service with ServiceNow, ScreenMeet and 3CLogic

While enterprises have embraced the movement towards digital channels, customers are still craving one-on-one interactions with organizations. To meet customers’ growing desire for personal attention at scale, support teams must embrace the best of three worlds:  voice, video, and ServiceNow

Watch the on-demand session with leading ServiceNow Technology Partners, 3CLogic and ScreenMeet, as they uncover the compounding value of voice and video to the customer experience. By seamlessly integrating these person-to-person channels with ServiceNow, organizations will finally be able to deliver a true omnichannel experience to customers and agents alike.

Guillaume Seynhaeve: VP of Marketing & Alliances at 3CLogic
Steve Smith:
Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering at ScreenMeet


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