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Cobrowsing vs Screen Sharing: Differences and Selecting Which is Right for You

Discover the differences between Cobrowsing and Screen Sharing with this eBook

Many customers are confused about the difference between Cobrowsing and Screen Sharing, and which technology is best for their company.

Screen sharing products allow agents to view a client’s entire screen and provides two-way audio and video interaction between the agent and the client.
Cobrowsing, on the other hand, is limited to sharing content from a specific website the client is viewing.

Two important distinctions between the two technologies:

  1. Screen sharing allows agents to see the entire client screen; cobrowsing limits the agent’s view to the actions on a specific website.
  2. Screen sharing will allow the agent to see client PII; cobrowsing allows a website to mask PII from the agent’s view.

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