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Market Study by CCW: Customer Experience Trends, Challenges & Innovations

Customer Contact Week has just released a new Market Study where they've conducted an extensive survey of actual consumers.
Through the study it's been shown there is no question that improving your customer experience for those needing online assistance is crucial to business success. With remote customer support and online shopping on the rise, companies must handle these interactions more efficiently, and more cordially.

This is borne out in the report’s findings:

    • 62% said that they are more likely to spend with brands that deliver easy experiences.
    • 59% said they support businesses with customer experiences that are consistently warm and friendly.

Research topics found in the study include:

    • Scorecard on the state of voice, messaging, and social customer service interactions
    • Pain points that continue to ruin customer experiences
    • Definitive word on whether “friendly agents” matter in today’s digital world
    • Top ways to attract customers – and win them back when things go wrong
    • Customer intentions for phone, messaging, self-service, and social interactions
    • How customers feel about the “COVID explanation” for bad service
    • Customer reactions to ecommerce and digital finance trends

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