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Modernize and Optimize ServiceNow Customer Workflows with ScreenMeet

Modernize and Optimize ServiceNow Customer Workflows with ScreenMeet

Using ScreenMeet's real-time digital engagement platform for ServiceNow Customer Workflows, ScreenMeet helps:

  • accelerate case resolution
  • reduce abandoned shopping carts
  • and reduce friction with the customer

Agents and salespeople can move seamlessly between chatting, co-browsing, and video without the need for new applications or learning new steps and automatically capture their interactions directly in ServiceNow.

Rapidly connecting with customers using the channel that works best for them facilitates the move from in-person to online interactions, accelerates resolution times, and improves the customer experience.

One global online eyeglass customer generates a 30% increase with every order when using ScreenMeet. Watch the demo! Ready for your own customized demo? Contact us here.

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