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Should You Offer a Live Chat Service?

More and more websites are including standard live chat service as a customer care communication option. This is becoming a standard feature. You, too, should move fast and add chat to your list of customer care communication options. There is nothing to lose from it, just the opposite.

The following are some reasons why you should adopt chat for your business' customer care department. Further, enhancing text chat with voice and video chat makes the service opportunity even better.

Better Customer Satisfaction

When customers call in with any query, they expect answers to all their questions. A study conducted by eDigital Customer Service Benchmark found that chat service elicits better customer satisfaction compared to telephone and email.

Overall, text chat has a satisfaction rating of 73%, email-based support 61%, and phone-based support 44%. Another study by Oracle found that 90% of responders have more confidence in support chat than they do in email and phone-based support. Imagine what voice and video chat could do?

Text, voice and video chat is also more convenient for the customer compared to other options. Customers can seek help without going out of their way as all they have to do is type their questions and wait for answers. Your customer support team will also find it more convenient than being on the phone all day.

Better customer care experience will increase your clients' overall client satisfaction. This will translate into a loyal customer base with happy customers coming back regularly.

Faster Response Time

Your customers don't want to wait in line for hours just to speak to a disgruntled, unhelpful customer care agent. The internet moves fast, and if you don't give your customers the help they want, they will look elsewhere.

Enhanced chat services are incredibly flexible, which makes them faster than other communication channels. Messages are exchanged instantly. One customer care agent can serve multiple customers at a go, and some bots type like humans and offer solutions to basic problems.

Enhanced chat also leaves room for better problem-solving. Customer care agents don't necessarily know the answer to every customer's questions. They can take some time to find these answers while still talking with customers – this is difficult to juggle when offering support via the phone.

Besides quicker responses and answers to queries, an enhanced chat service also allows for comprehensive answers. Customer care agents can share resources such as links and study guides via the messaging platform. Customers can also describe their problems better by sharing photos and other materials.

Chat is also not limited to text messages. Enhancements include face-to-face video chats, voice chats, and other innovative real-time messaging options.

Lower Service Costs

How much does your customer care telephone line rack up in bills? How many customer care agents do you have under your payroll? Whatever the number is, a quality chat service can lower it by more than 90%.

A study conducted by Forrester Research found that chat customer care service is up to 30% cheaper than phone-based service.

It saves money on several fronts. For starters, enhanced chat services are basically free as it uses the internet, unlike phone-based service, which is billed by your carrier. Chat also enables one agent to serve multiple people, which means that you can scale down the support team. You can also use AI bot technology.

Enhanced chat services also allow for scalability, besides lowering costs. A single live chat platform can service thousands of people from all over the world.

Evolving, Data-Driven Care

How good is your customer support team? Your company's reputation depends on how competent they are. They can be more competent using chat service.

Chat will enable your customer support team to learn from years of service. Unlike telephone calls, records of chats with individual customers can be logged and saved. They can then be analyzed to help uncover important details such as the customers' pain points, common queries, and more. Records from chat customer care logs can also help you improve your products and services.

Data is driving success in today's digitized world. The data that you would gather through a chat-based customer care service would be priceless.

Increased Sales

The primary goal of every business is to sell as much as possible. The quality of your customer care service is one of the main factors that determine your sales. Good customer care service can increase your business' ROI by as much as 6,000% and lead to as much as 5X more conversions.

Chat services are already ranked as the best form of customer support. Good customer support will help earn your customers' confidence and trust, hence increasing their chances of buying something. It will also help you improve your products and services.

Competitive Advantage

You are not the only one who is not using an enhanced chat service, yet. A study by TELUS International found that less than 10% run an active, competent live chat service. This means that these websites' customer care quality is wanting.

Chat services, as mentioned, can drive up sales by as much as five times. Setting up an effective chat platform will increase potential customers' trust and confidence. People will feel more secure dealing with you than they would when dealing with the rest 90% of competitors who do not have a chat service.

The Advantages are Clear

Now is the time to set up a chat customer care service. It is simple, fast, and it doesn't cost much as similar customer support or engagement tools. If you have the ability, it’s clear that offering a chat service is an excellent way to improve your customer relationships

Here at ScreenMeet, we offer innovative customer care solutions, including voice and video chat service. ScreenMeet Live includes face-to-face video chats and voice chats.

Now is the time to take your customer service offerings to the next level, and an improved chat experience can be a key part of that. Let's schedule a demo for you, today!



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