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How ServiceNow Innovates with ScreenMeet for Remote Support

ServiceNow Innovates with ScreenMeet for Remote Support - Webinar

Replace your legacy remote support solution with ServiceNow’s choice, ScreenMeet.


ServiceNow dropped their legacy remote support solution and brought in a next generation, integrated engagement solution that improved remote support efficiencies, incorporated video and unattended capabilities, while also increasing employee and agent satisfaction.

In this on-demand session, ServiceNow shared the positive benefits they achieved with ScreenMeet including:

  • 35% increase in tier 1 first contact resolution
  • > 50% reduction in case handle time
  • which led to significant operational cost reductions.

This helped them to achieve their goal of providing exceptional service to the global hybrid workforce of 18,000 ServiceNow employees. You too can achieve all that and more, with ScreenMeet.

Watch the  On-Demand Session

To read in detail about the ServiceNow IT Help Desk Digital Transformation story, get the Case Study here, or view our LinkedIn Article here.


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