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DevOps Engineer

ScreenMeet is a remote support, screen-sharing, and co-browsing technology company.

As a developer at ScreenMeet, you will work on many of ScreenMeet’s core services. You will be part of our fully remote DevOps team, responsible for implementing infrastructure as code, build and release processes, monitoring, and developing developer tooling. You will build technology that scales globally and is used by some of the biggest companies in the world!

What You'll Do

  • Contribute to development of IAC and build automation (CI/CD)
  • Participate in build and release management
  • Join on-call rotation for incident response
  • Improve system observability
  • Build tools to better enable developers
  • Ensure a secure operating environment

Your Background

  • 3+ years of proven experience in a production environment operations
  • Deep knowledge of AWS API’s and web services
  • Strong skills with bash / linux
    Experience with JavaScript / Typescript a strong plus
  • You have experience with at least 50% the following:
    • Configuring and administering Containers / ECS / Docker / Kubernetes.
    • Installing, configuring, and administering some of the following: Terraform, Jenkins, NodeJS, Docker, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Prometheus, Janus, Coturn, AWS Codebuild, AWS codepipeline, AWS CDK
    • Experience with SSO platforms and an understanding of protocols like SAML and OAUTH2
    • Shell scripting and one or more scripting languages (TypeScript preferred)
    • On-call (SRE style) rotation
    • Awareness of security best practices in a cloud environment
    • Exposure to some industry certification standards such as SOC2

What We’ve Done

  • Introduced AWS CDK with Typescript, to assist with our migration to IAC
  • Developed shared CDK modules to ease development
  • Began migration from Jenkins to AWS CodeBuild and CodePipelines
  • Scaled active applications and latency traffic routing into 10+ regions globally
  • Enabled auto scaling through containerization of services on AWS ECS

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