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The impact of interactive video technologies on customer satisfaction

The impact of interactive video technologies on customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction with interactive video

Recently, two industry experts, Ben Lilienthal, founder of
ScreenMeet, and Mike Milburn, president of Salsify, met to discuss the use of
video in real-time customer engagement. Here are highlights of that discussion,
and download
the eBook
to read a more in-depth version of their conversation.

The need for remote video interactions in business

People have grown accustomed to video interactions in their
personal lives and now expect it in business interactions as well. Today the
service sector is moving from voice and text conversations to real-time video
and screen sharing.

And while many businesses had been moving toward supporting
a remote workforce, the COVID pandemic accelerated the need for companies to
provide collaboration tools for their employees to share design ideas, conduct
training and onboarding, and participate in departmental meetings.

The next generation of customer service

Video services, including real-time conversations, screen
sharing, and more, is changing the way businesses interact with their clients.
The technology not only provides a human element to virtual customer
interactions, but each interaction can now be added to customer records in the
company’s CRM system and tracked, like a trouble ticket or support call. Having
that system of record where the interactions are logged, auditable, and
reportable helps the enterprise deliver on the KPIs around the business case to
support the service being provided.

support teams
have found that the technology allows them to resolve a
higher percentage of customer issues on the first call within minutes rather
than requiring multiple calls over several days. The result: greater customer
satisfaction, higher Net Promoter Scores, and elevating the company’s brand.

Preparing the customer for a new paradigm

But not everyone is ready for real-time video interaction.
Some customers might be reluctant to share their image with the agent or might
find the technology overwhelming. In those cases, the service team must provide
the customer with several alternate methods of communication that will meet
their support needs and comfort level.

The company should also increase efforts to explain to its customer
base that the company invests in these new technologies to provide them with
improved service, better support, and better connectivity.

Real world example

Recently, a technology product and services company that
serves consumer and enterprise clients globally moved its CRM (Salesforce) and
ITSM (ServiceNow) to the cloud. The project was deployed in 65 different
countries, allowing support agents to open a session on customer devices
remotely, enter into a video chat with screen sharing, and provide remote
access through a browser. All session information and recordings become part of
the CRM record for incident tracking and follow-up.

Looking ahead

Video is going to mean deeper connections with every client
in almost every industry.

We predict accelerated growth of real-time video interactive
technology to occur on the service and repair side. Giving customers the
ability to provide video evidence of a problem during a support call viewable
by the agent and saved as part of the customer record will be invaluable for
customer satisfaction and problem resolution in the future.

Companies are relying on improvements in their customer
service to differentiate themselves. And remote sales, service, and support
have become the norm for both businesses and consumers. Interactive video
technologies are quickly becoming an essential tool for companies to build
closer relationships with their clients, increase brand loyalty, and improve
customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how remote video technology is changing
the way businesses interact with their customers, read the eBook, The
Evolution of Video: Trends in Real-Time Customer Engagement

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