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OTPP Improves Member Service & First Call Resolution with ScreenMeet

OTPP improves ServiceNow IT Remote Support with ScreenMeet

With support agents now working out of their home, Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan (OTPP) required a product that would make it easy for agents to remotely connect to user devices, help resolve issues, and then reboot the device and remain connected, seamlessly.

“(With ScreenMeet) we now have the ability to connect to anybody as if we were there face-to-face to help support them,” said Waqas Mahmud, senior manager of the Teachers’ Support & Services at OTPP. “We’re able to help support machines outside of our domain altogether and get people up and running in a shorter period of time. Without ScreenMeet, I don’t know how simple this would have been for us.”  Read the complete case study here.

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